April 1907

Steam Drifters Launched At Dundee

FairTwo steam drifters were launched on Saturday afternoon from the yard of the Caledon Ship-building and Engineering Company Ltd. The vessels had been built for Messrs Buchan Brothers and others in the industry at Peterhead, and are to be fitted with all the most modern appliances and improvements. The dimensions of the vessels are length 92 feet 6 inches, breadth 18 feet 6 inches and depth 9 feet 10 inches with a gross tonnage of 90.  Engines and boilers will be supplied from Lilybank foundry. A large crowd of spectators witnessed the launch. The drifters were named "Good Tidings" and "Fertile" respectively.

Grand Trades Exhibition

Kinnaird Hall, Dundee
April 10 to April 19th
Grand Trades Exhibition
Ladies Orchestra and concert party, cookery lectures by Miss M.Smallwood, sampling stalls, tasting stalls, flying lady entertainment, grand illuminated fairy fountain.
Handsome and costly exhibits by some of the world's largest manufacturers and by local tradesmen.
Open daily 2 to 5 and 6.30 to 10.
Admission - afternoons free/evenings by purchase of programme - 6d each.

Dundee Labour and Emigration

Week after week sees the departure from Dundee as well as from other parts of Scotland of young men for abroad and more especially tradesmen of all descriptions. This depletion of  the labour market, which has been going on in Dundee intermittently for a considerable time has at last brought about the natural result, that the demand for working men now exceeds the supply. The painting trade in particular appears to have suffered the most. This branch of industry as the winter comes in becomes very slack and large numbers of men are compelled to go idle for almost six months of the year. But as summer approaches the trade invariably experiences a rush of business and the services of every available tradesman are eagerly requisitioned. In accordance with the usual cycle of events the same thing is happening just now but with the difference that whereas the men hitherto were always forthcoming in large numbers to suit employers requirements, now they can neither be had for love nor money. One Dundee firm with an extra big job on hand is striving there up most to secure 20 men but so far their efforts have not been attended by success. Other firms are in the same unfortunate predicament and matters appear to have reached a crisis. In certain other trades a similar state prevails, but to a much lesser degree.

Golfing Handbook

Leng's Golfer's Manuel for 1907.
A treat for golfers - just published.
96 pages in pretty cover.
The handiest guide to the game, biographies of leading players.
Price one penny. By post 2d.
John Leng & Co Ltd., Bank Street, Dundee.

Established Business For Sale

Old established Wine and Whisky business with home and colonial connection in well known proprietary blend of whisky. This is a good opportunity for any firm wishing to extend its connections.
Apply: No 401, Dundee Advertiser.
Join the Church Choir
Choir Boys for St. Mary's Church in Broughty Ferry wanted. Age from 9 years. Preference will be given to children of Episcopalians. Salary paid (according to quality of voice and capabilities). Apply personally to Mr Stoole, Choirmaster, at the church vestry on Friday evening at 7.45pm.

Dandelion Beer

F.W, Dundee - Put 3 quarts of yellow dandelion petals in a tub with one gallon of water, previously boiled and left warm. Cover with a flannel and stir daily for three days. Strain and add 3lb loaf sugar to liquid, the rind of two lemons and ┬Żoz ginger. Boil for 20 minutes, skim and strain into a tub, add the juice of the lemons and when tepid add a little yeast on a piece of toast. Next day put in a cask and in 6-8 weeks the beer is ready to bottle.

Hazell's Tea's

Highly esteemed by all critical tea drinkers for style, quality and good value.
William Hazell, Tea Dealer, 10, Castle Street, Dundee. Telephone: 1613.

Motor Boat's for the Tay

A proposal is on foot to establish a fleet of motor boats at Dundee for pleasure sailing on the Tay. With the object of making experiments in that direction a suitable craft was constructed and a motor ordered from America. The latter has now arrived and the work is being pushed forward as rapidly as possible and it is expected that the vessel will be ready for her initial trip on Saturday first. The craft is 25 feet long and is roomy enough to accommodate about 20 persons but in the meantime it is intended to limit the number of passengers to 12. Propelling power will be a 2-h.p Ferro auto-marine motor and it is anticipated that a speed of between 6 and 8 knots an hour will be obtained. It is intended that the boat will  make short  trips up and down the river from Dundee. Should the venture prove successful other boats will be built and fitted out.

Weekend Trips up the Tay

"Kinfauns Castle" sails
Saturday 27th April 1907 at 2.15pm
Dundee to Newburgh. Leaving Newburgh at 5.30pm.
Sunday 28th April 1907 
11.30am Dundee to Newburgh and Perth.
Leaving Perth at 4pm.
Return fare Newburgh 9d. Perth 1s.