Anna MacDonald

The Buster Stall

Saturday was buster day
Chums eagerly made their way round Boots' corner
Past Greenhills sarasparilla (Black Sass)
Mid Kirk Style outings for a lad and lass

Late 40s - early 50s the old Overgate
Was where they kept that special date
Sitting by the fire to eat
Tupp'ny busters - a weekend treat

Winter - summer - the stall was warm
Coke-fire sparks caused alarm
When chip-pans on top (remember)
Spat boiling fat to red-hot ember
Rocketing fire to boot-lace thongs
(Before retreival with heay tongs) Read more......

Submitted by Anna MacDonald

The Octogenarian

The old looking-glass
In simple wooden frame
Smiled reflectively
As if in curious game
A trick of light
But was the image really he!

He sought a silver mirror
Framed with filigree fine
And held her closely
To reflect each laughter line
Softly she responded in truth
Embraced his youth

A jewelled vanity glass
Encrusted with gold
Entrusted respectfully
An image to behold
Of sculptured age
Serene - sublime
Sands in time

Submitted by Anna MacDonald

Die to be Dressed

I'm gazing at you from this coffin
Unwittingly fashioned by hand
Laid out reslendent in plush velvet jacket
Looking remarkable grand Read more......

Submitted by Anna MacDonald


When the glass touches the lip
Feel the grip
She can't let go - you know it's true
She's controlling you Read more......

Submitted by Anna MacDonald

Alcohol Abuse

Abusing alcohol!
Consider - you might lose control
One drink - maybe two
Till one day it's got a hold on you
Blurring vision
Scorching the mind
Entering dimension of a different kind
Encouraging the soul's demise
Till - ultimately - thro' despairing eyes
Despising the vessel from which you sip
You're compelled to raise to your lip
In nauseous intoxication
Consider the risks being taken


Submitted by Anna MacDonald


Can ye mind o' Burndept-Vidor
West Kingsway Industrial Estate
Clockin' in-an-oot each day
At the battery factory gate

Can ye hear the soond o' the Can Press
Thumpin'-oot cans week-by-week
Presses makin' sae much din
Ye'd tae shout tae try tae speak

Workers a' the time
Conversin' in sign

Did ye ken the man shovelling Black Mix
Wha was striken-doon ae day
Wi manganese poisonin
(He was paid "hazard" pay)

Rows o' inspection lines
Quality Control
Inspectors in white jackets
In their important role Read more......

Submitted by Anna MacDonald

Chimes of the Times

On Sunday evenings church-bells chime
Heradling bingo-time
Worshippers congregate religiously
To queue and wait Read more......

Submitted by Anna MacDonald

The Dog with the Smile in His Tail

If I take a walk over to visit my neighbour
I'm always bemused by her beagle's behaviour
He'll run round my ankles - the trick's yet to fail
Then he'll swagger around with a smile in his tail Read more......

Submitted by Anna MacDonald

Cadbury My Pelican

My flat is very small
Four metres from wall to wall
Scarcely room to hang a hat
Let alone swing a cat
But I have a pelican - who - what's more
Lays chocolate cream eggs by the score Read more......

Submitted by Anna MacDonald

Coorie In

Wheest bonnie laddie
Coorie intae gran
Sleep's cam a' courting'
My couthie little man Read more......

Submitted by Anna MacDonald
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