Zanre Family

Joe was born in Italy and moved to Dundee when he was seven years old.

One of my earliest memories in Dundee was going to see a Charlie Chaplin film. It was in the days of silent films which was just as well as I could speak no English.

I went to St Andrew's Boys School. My sister Julie went to Harris Academy. During the war she was in the Women's Land Army.

During the war Mr. Churchhill must have thought I was a dangerous person because he had me interned. I was eventually shipped off to Canada for the duration.

My Dad and sister were not interned and they stayed in Dundee. Dad kept the White Rose ice cream shop in the Overgate.

Guiseppe (Joe) Zanre is the husband of Amelia Zanre (nee Soave)

Submitted by Guiseppe (Joe) Zanre