Tay Bridge

My grandparents lived at Dunmore Lodge Ninewells on the Perth Road. As a child when my parents would take the journey from Birmingham to Dundee I would look forward to the walks down to the River Tay and the tram journey into the city. As I got older I was trusted to go on the tram each morning to fetch the hot morning rolls for breakfast. My grandfather worked as a gardener for the Dundee Council and set out the gardens at Magdalene Green and near to the Tay Rail Bridge. He died aged 100 at "The Rowans" nursing home.

My late father often would tell me about his paper round, as a boy he would deliver along the Perth Road - all the big houses and he could recite the names of the people who lived along there even in his late 80s. He died aged 92. My mother kept a pie shop I think it was in Blackness Road in the early 1920s. I have heard so many stories from my parents about what life was like in Dundee in those early years that I could fill a few pages but perhaps the words I have written will provoke other memories.

Submitted by Arthur Kennedy