Post War Dundee

Saturday afternoons in the early 1950s for my sister Moyra and myself were very special. I was 6 years old in 1952 and my sister 12.

We boarded the Downfield tram at Fairmuir, rushed up the stairs to claim the 'J' shaped seat at the front window, and headed for the terminus at Downfield.

At the terminus we helped the conductor to swing the backs of the seats so that passengers would be facing the correct way.

Leaving the tram, we then boarded the Dundee bound steam train at Downfield Railway Station (near where Downfield Hotel is now). The railway engine and coaches trundled through suburbia, across the Kingsway, past our house, where we waved to our parents, then made it's way to Lochee and out to Liff Station at South Road, on to Ninewells Junction, and then headed into Dundee West Railway Station. Alighting here, we made our way up Union Street and to the Washington Cafe in the Nethergate, where we had ice cream with enormous wafers in a metal dish!

We then caught the Downfield tram at High Street and again claiming the upstairs front seat, headed for Fairmuir and home.

Alternate Saturdays we did the trip in the opposite direction, boarding the tram at Fairmuir and heading to town. Ice cream, then railway to Downfield via Lochee and tram back to Fairmuir. Our Saturday afternoon journeys were exciting and unforgettable.

Post war Dundee was wonderful for children like us ... tramcars and steam trains.


Submitted by Dave Burnett