Penguin Cafe

My mum, Bunty Rollo, nee Ovenstone was the niece of 'Teenie McGregor', nee De Gernier, who had the Buster Stall in the Overgate. My Auntie Mary Ovenstone ran the Penguin Cafe up the Overgate in the 1950's and I have fond memories of shopping with my mum on Saturdays and going for a buster - it was delicious! I live in Leeds now but would love to hear from any of the family.

I went to Rockwell Primary from 1953 to 1960 and every winter seemed to be really snowy. The Law Hill was always full of ice and we'd slide down on our school bags. I used to go home soaked most nights, but it was great! Then I went to Harris Academy - I loved it there. It was like a different world. I'd get the school bus from Bruce Street outside my Aunty Cis's house and I'm sure the drivers thought we were a load of delinquents. We liked to let off steam on the way home! The good old days!


Submitted by Gwen Rollo