My Hulltoon 'Hert'

I've just came across this site by accident and its wonderful to read old  stories and look at old photos of Dundee. I was born at the foot of the  Hulltoon (as it was known) in Sheperd's Pend (46 Hilltown), when I was 4 we swapped houses with my Grannie to 20 Hulltoon. They called it Meekie Land I went to St Mary's Forebank and St John's schools growing up 1944 to 1959. They were great days.

To pass time we used to jump the air raid shelters over in 23 Hulltoon, it was called Chickie Gows (I don't know why they called it that), we also played in Holy Land in Kinaird St, this was a popular place and that's where I had my first serious fall jumping the shelters, I was  carried off to the DRI for some stitches LOL...

We used to also play in the excavation holes when they were building Hilltown Terrace. We also played fitba against the Deeriers (36 Hulltoon) and the Norries Pend gang (64 Hulltoon)and many others. God knows where they got all these names from.

One story mentioned about the sasperella shop up the Hulltoon beside St Mary's Pend I remember it well, it was called Ned's, I beleive Ned was thought to be a Canadian. Ive been here myself now in Ontario,Canada for 48 yrs but my 'hert' will always be with the Hulltoon.

I also delivered milk (horse and cart )and I had a paper root as well, I  made most tips on a Saturday night when I delivered The Sporting Post to the pubs up the Hulltoon.

There are so many fond memories growing up on the Hulltoon and remembering and writing about all my old pals and family would take forever but I will be back on to your site to read more and maybe give you some more stories, there are so many and not a lot of time .... Chick Stewart.

Submitted by Chick Stewart