Lost Places

So glad Mollie remembered Mid Craigie. I was born in Maryhill HospitaI in 1946 and my mum, dad, older sister and me went to live with my granny at 119 Drumlanrig Drive Mid Craigie, while they waited for a council house. They got one in Fintry and now had 4 kids. When they moved I was 4 and sick so stayed with my granny. I lived with her until I was 11. It was a wonderful childhood used to get 1/2 penny to keep watch for the police from the men playing cards. Putting a line on for my gran at the iillegal bookies. Getting the sheets wrapped in brown paper out of the pawn shop. Then putting them back in 2 weeks later. My gran worked so hard in the mills and looked after me. Childhood was sheer joy - wellie boot marks, nose always snotty, swinging on the pylon on a rope we tied in the middle. The Beano and The Danny swapping and playing for scraps, Baxter Park, Stourie Burn picking berries, Mid Craigie Primary School the list is endless. I live in Sydney now and when I visit home am heartbroken that I can no longer see my shadow playing as it has lost the places it loved.

Submitted by Lynda Kay (Campbell)