Jean Gall

What about this lady who was a bible singer from the old Overgate. She had a hall above the 60 minute cleaners and was blind. She used to sing in City Square on a Sunday and we used to call her organ over from her hall. In these days we used to go with her to public houses for a donation, and she got quite a bit of money in them days. In her hall we used to sing all bible songs and she had acute hearing and knew by your walking who was doing anything wrong. Her hall was freezing at times as we used to stand on chairs to get warm etc. She had a shilling meter high up on the wall, which she used very frequently.

Good old days of Overgate growing up in the early 1960s and getting chased from arcade Mr Riley as we were trying to kick the machine for a penny, all gone these buildings for progress. I wonder why Overgate was not kept for future generations, as Edinburgh kept all its history. You see new waterfront getting built and we had 4 fifies boats at that time, this today would be a tourist attraction for visitors for trips down the Tay.

West Station was one of Scotland's finest train stations, grand entrance on the front, all gone also. Yes new station getting built, as so much money spent to modern up Dundee. Our history was stripped in the 1960s, only have pictures for younger generation to see. Its sad and I bet our fore fathers would have something to say about this.

Submitted by John Kane