Greenhill's and Donnachie's

In the Overgate there were two sassperilla shops - Greenhill's and Donnachie's. Donnachie's was oppostie the top of Long Wynd and Greenhill's was towards the bottom of the Overgate, between Tally Street and High Street. Greenhill's had a larger selection and was more popular. A 'sass' was reputed to be a cure for a hangover. You could buy it in one of two sizes - a pint or a half pint.

When you went in to Greenhill's the glasses were already prepared with water and the relevant mix was added to suit the order. There was a long bench seat opposite the counter and this was where the customer sat.

Donnachie's had a separate room at the back of the shop and that is where their 'sasses' were served.

Submitted by Tam Smith