Fincraig Street in the Sixties

Fincraig Street in the summer of the 1960s.

PlayingThe pong of the bins, nappies, endless nappies on the line in the “backies”. Elvis on the radio from upon verandas and beer bottle Andy with his long black sack collecting last nights booze refuse. Bumble bees in jars with clover stuffed inside and chalking boxes on the pavements while the green nurse passed by.

Ross's van and Hume’s – being sent for a half loaf and ice cream, given in scoops in your own household bowls – Friday night was ice cream soda night. Neighbours who seemed queer and walked funny – who had lived through the torture of Japanese P.O.W. camps but us too young to know. And B phone box on the corner and the swarm of humanity around the berry buses in the mornings. A rainbow over “Poorie” castle and making straw houses from bales of hay. A TV camera crew saying this was the worst street in Britain! Funny coz all I felt was safe and warm and part of something.

Submitted by Audrie Taylor