Die to be Dressed

I'm gazing at you from this coffin
Unwittingly fashioned by hand
Laid out reslendent in plush velvet jacket
Looking remarkable grand

How I acquired this unenviable position
Gains no credit I'm sure you'll agree
Enticed by cigarette catalogues
Offering jackets quite 'free'

Smoked steadily through hundreds of pockets
Tar attacking my chest
Collecting thousands of coupons
In the interest of being well-dressed

Sent the package away - the very same day
Doctor whispered 'You've not long to go!
Then the jacket arrived the morning I died
Blast things for being so slow!

That's why I'm staring at you from this angle
From a coffin constructed through pride
In a wonderful new 'smoking' jacktet
With a lifeless body inside


Submitted by Anna MacDonald