Countryside at Fintry

I was born in 1947, I lived with my mother, father and 3 other siblings in what they called a single end at 164 Overgate, my mother's family the Martins and Neys lived at 150, 155. All the women worked in the Mills and some of the men in the docks. My father came from Glasgow, some of his family came to live in Dundee they were steel-fixers by trade. The male line of the Ney's worked in Dundee as lamp lighters from the 1800's. They lost 3 good sons in the wars. My first school was Tay Street.

Then when I was 6 years old we moved to Fintry. I remember when we first saw our new semi in 122 Fintry Road, we had never seen a bathroom never mind a bath, we were bathed in a tin bath at a fire and an outside loo on the stairs, we thought we had all won the pools and it was great being out in the countryside we could play out all day. What an adventure it was as we never got out much in the town and we had our own garden to grow veg and flowers. Of course we missed our close family unit as were all moved to different areas when they started to pull the Overgate down I wished they had thought more about keeping families together at that time.


Submitted by Jane Millar