Can ye mind o' Burndept-Vidor
West Kingsway Industrial Estate
Clockin' in-an-oot each day
At the battery factory gate

Can ye hear the soond o' the Can Press
Thumpin'-oot cans week-by-week
Presses makin' sae much din
Ye'd tae shout tae try tae speak

Workers a' the time
Conversin' in sign

Did ye ken the man shovelling Black Mix
Wha was striken-doon ae day
Wi manganese poisonin
(He was paid "hazard" pay)

Rows o' inspection lines
Quality Control
Inspectors in white jackets
In their important role

Whit coats laundered on Sunday
Were barkit by Monday

Whaur was the ventilation
Through acrid air
Fine black dust
Settled everywhere

Chest X-Ray vans arrived
- every three months it wid be -
To see if factory workers
Were keepin' free o' TB.



Submitted by Anna MacDonald