Born at Maryfield Hospital

Born at Maryfield Hospital in 1956 and lived at 135 Alexander Street until 1964, firstly in the attic flat with outside toilet on the pletty then luxury we moved into the first floor flat with a inside toilet above the chippy until they knocked it down to build the multis, what a great place to grow up.

As a boy we would have a ball jumping from air raid shelter to air raid shelter as a dare, kick the can in the middle of Alexander Street, not many cars then, also the Grey Lodge and the Boys Brigade(33rd) at the Hilltown Church. Local shops were Muggie Hutchy's, Nicolls and Dawson's. Moved to 114 Tweed Crescent in Menzieshill to a two bed semi with a garden also another great place to grow up.

Served my apprenticeship with Galloways Mechanical Services in Strathmartine Road then on to Kestrel Marine then emigrating to Australia. I have now lived in Perth, Western Australia for the last 32 years, but still love memories in Bonnie Dundee.

Submitted by Ramsay Strachan