Born during the hard winter of 1947

Born during the hard winter of 1947. I lived in Park Avenue until I moved to Forfar 25 years later. My mother was a jute weaver at the CWS works in Morgan Street, most of my fathers working life was on the Tay Ferries (The Fife'es) in local dialetic.

My Schooling was Glebelands and Stobswell Boys. Our playground was the surrounding traffic free streets then when older Baxter Park & Stobbie Ponds or even sneek into the TA grounds at Rodd Road where we could spend hours playing on an old rusting Brengun carrier.

My "pals" included Doug Cowie Jr who's Dad played football at centre half for Dundee and Scotland. With a wide range of shops such as Jimmy Growers the butchers in Albert Street and four cinemas within walking distance the lack of Park avenues TV didn't matter.

Our favourite teenage coffee place was the cafe in the Greensplayhouse cinema then we progressed to the Nethergate bar (no proof of age required) or Bob McKays near the JM Ballroom.

After leaving school I joined Robert Kellie and Son as a Draughtsman then post qualifying I moved to TC Keays. Both business fell foul of the recession in the 1970's.

I am now retired and living in Taunton, Somerset.

Submitted by Magnus Walker