Bed in the West Port, St David's Lane, also in Lochee

Loved going fishing at Balmarino, overnight stays, also the fish and chips from Tony's doon the Overgate about 1962 ish, all gone now eh? My wee pals and I played on the building sight where the New Overgate/ Angus hotel was being built, we found lots of bones/ skulls all buried in a mass grave by Monks army when he sacked Dundee, the Auld Steeple was our play house then!! The Sat morning movies at the Guament, the sweeming baths, those old one, it were great the shivery bites!! The Sasperellas from the Italian shops yum yum!

And the Summer Vacations!!! what? were those then? Off to the berries or the tatties to work, a holiday was going to Broghty Ferry for the day, or the park!

Last time in Dundee? 2005 ... not the same of course, still some great folks though when you talk to them, a bad few make all the news of course, no industry or work worth speaking about, all gone, no NCR IBM Timex Ship Building, No Jute, big Schooling Universities though ... no industry .... what do workers do now?

Live in North America now. Great to see this sight and read the tales of former Dundee folks. Wha is like us really? tell me if you ken!!!!

Up Wee the Bonnets, peace and regards to all.
Tam T.B

Submitted by Tam the Bam