Thrifty Tips for the Housewife 1935

Grease Stains on Carpets

Did you know that turpentine is splendid for removing grease stains for carpets? Soak a cloth in it and rub over the stains till they disappear, changing to a fresh cloth when the first becomes soiled. Finish with a cloth wrung out in hot water and soap.

Reviving Umbrellas

Here is capital way of reviving an umbrella, which has begun to look shabby. Put a tablespoon of sugar into a basin and pour over it half a pint of boiling water. When the sugar has dissolved open the umbrella and, with a sponge dipped in the liquid, wash down the gores, starting at the ferrule and drawing the sponge down to the tips. Hang it, still open, on a line in the fresh air.