September 1980

We are the Champions

HilltownThe Whitfield High School team which won the BBC TV competition, "We are the Champions", received a civic reception yesterday. The team comprised first year pupils Fraser Cooke, Steven Doyle, John McGlashan, Gary McGregor, Susan Lorimer, Lorraine Patullo, Kathleen Smith and Denise Robertson.

Kestrel Marine Lock Out

The 150 employees of Kestrel Marine Ltd., Dundee, who were "locked out" by management on Wednesday, resumed normal working yesterday. Following a breakdown in wage talks on Tuesday, the men decided to introduce an overtime ban and a series of one-day stoppages. But management refused to allow them in the next day.

Open all the Time

Latest news from a relative in the United States is that a big supermarket in a wee village in which she lives (population only 10,000) is now open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The supermarkets over there certainly seem to keep the customer in mind all the time - which is more than the majority over here do.

Elaine and Linda Win Disco Heat

The Dundee heat of the E.M.I. world disco dancing championships was held in Teasers on Wednesday night. Eight dancers took part in what proved to be a very close competition. The dancers were competing for a place in the regional finals in the Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen, this coming Wednesday. The dancers who are to represent Dundee are Elaine Hennessy and Linda Culross.

Good Fit

If you have trouble finding a suitable bowl to fit under the mincer, use an ice-cream carton (2 litres size) with a small semi-circle cut out of one side.

Lick This!

The toll collectors on the Tay Road Bridge report a cheeky motorist this week. Apparently a Renault driver handed over a 12 p Queen Mum stamp, and a halfpenny in place of the usual 12½ p toll.

An Album or Two

The Brains - The Brains
All Nighters - Various Artistes
Sweet Sounds of Summer - Various Artistes
The Affectionate Punch - The Associates
Hot Love - David Essex
Beat Boys in the Jet Age - The Lambrettas

How Would you Spend a Fiver?

What would children buy if they were given £5 to spend as they wished? Do today's youngsters know how much £5 is worth in real terms? The "Journal" went along to Park Place Primary School and asked a group of 7 and 8-year-olds from classes 3 and 4 how they would spend their fiver.

Chloe Kippen - I would like to buy a dog and cat. If I wasn't allowed to get that I would probably buy a leather football or some books on nature and wildlife.

James Smith - I would buy toy cars and story books, or maybe a tennis racket. I might also buy some goldfish, I've got one already. I'd buy my mum a present, but I don't know what. My dad works most of the time so I wouldn't have time to give him a present.

Jane Stevenson - I would spend the money on riding lessons at the stables and buy some Enid Blyton books. I don't need any more pets because I've got a cat and a gerbil already. The cat used to be scared of the gerbil. I would maybe buy my mum some chocolates but my dad doesn't really need anything. He might get to share mum's chocolates.

Alan Mudie - I would spend my money on an encyclopaedia because I like learning new things. I've already got a cat and a goldfish so I don't need any more pets. If I got £5 from my mum and dad I think I would buy them both a present with some of the money. I'd buy mum a bunch of flowers and my dad a camera because he's always going on about wanting one.

Russell Scott - With my £5 I would buy a leather football and some football books. I would get my mum some jewellery and my dad some aftershave. You can't really get very much for £5 nowadays.

Dundee Flower Show

The Dundee Flower Show at the ice rink ended in disappointment for many because the rink management switched on the refrigeration equipment, causing many exhibits to die. Rink officials said the new season starts next week and an early start to refrigeration is necessary.

What's On - Cinema

ABC - Cross of Iron / Airplane!
Victoria - Fame
Odeon - Midnight Express / Taxi Driver
Dundee Film Theatre - Paradise Alley