September 1930

Won the Tay Long Distance Swim

Tay BridgeJ.G. Ferguson, Whitehall Amateurs, won the Tay long-distance swim, held on Saturday afternoon.  He won the event two seasons ago over the Newport Course.Though there was a slight swell, conditions were considered favourable, and a large crowd assembled on the Esplanade.  The course, stretching from Buckingham Point to the Corinthians boating sheds, is fully a mile and a half in length, and the winner's time was 27 minutes 28.5 secs.

Infant Scalded

Barbar McIvor or Chalmers (42), 48 Wellgate, was engaged on Wednesday in cleaning the house at 44,Cotton Road to which she is removing with her child.  Ronald, aged 9 months who was creeping on the kitchen floor, took hold of a pail containing hot paste and upset the contents over the lower part of his body and legs.  Suffering from scalds to his right side and leg, the child was taken in the ambulance van to the infirmary and his injuries dressed.

Are you aware that

About the beginning of the 16th century Dundee was well provided with all the ordinary necessaries of life, and the Magistrates of that time took care that these should be supplied of good quality and at reasonable prices?

A number of common mills were employed in grinding grain for the inhabitants.  Those within the town were used for malts and oats, and those without - at Pitkerro - for wheat.

The most important one in the town was the Castle Mill, which was situated on the east side of the Castle Rock - the site now occupied by St Paul's Cathedral.  Its water power - the lade or Castle Burn - came out of the dam at the Meadows, which was fed by the Scouringburn from the west and the Wellgate Burn from the north.  The later was augmented by Tod's Burn from the East.

Dundee Property Sold

Bungalow fetches £500.
Corderry, 2 Yewbank Avenue, Dundee, was sold on Tuesday within the chambers of J. Grafton Lawson & Co., solicitors, 30 Reform Street, at the upset price of £550.

The bungalow comprises two public rooms, two bedrooms, bathroom & c.  There is a feu-duty of £5 18s 6d, and the assessed rental is £26.


The Tay pleasure steamer Cleopatra has finished its sailings for the year, and has entered King William dock to lay up over the winter.  The weather has this season been rather unkind, but many happy parties have been carried up and down the river.

Discoloured Piano Keys

Make a paste of lemon juice, salt and whiting, and gently rub this on the keys with a cloth, taking care not to allow any of the paste to fall between the keys.  Polish with a soft duster.

Young Men

Physically fit should join the police.  Study at home in your spare time.  We have special courses for entrance and promotion.  1s per week brings success.

Baths Record

Mr Barry Cuthill, the general manager and engineer of the central baths, is a "prood man" these days, and no wonder.  He has broken all existing records at the central baths for the number of bathers patronising the establishment.  The amount drawn during the year was £4,499 and the number of customers - or should it be clients? - was 216,200.  The baths are now so up-to-date with all home comforts and conveniences (hot and cold galore) that it is no wonder so many people are attracted to them.

Gruesome Topic

A somewhat gruesome topic was discussed by the Public Health Committee.  It was like the graveyard scene in "Hamlet" and the talk was full of skulls and bones.  The old burial ground at Mains was the subject under discussion.  The "full up" ticket is to be hoisted at the gate, and steps are to be taken to have the place closed for good.  The revelations at the meeting showed that it is high time something was done.

Station Awards

The awards for the best-kept stations on the L & NER have just been issued and include the following:-

1st class - (£6) Broughty Ferry, Mr Morris.
2nd class - (£4 10s) Dundee East, Mr Johnston and Newport West, Mr Coldwell.
3rd class - (£3) Tayport, Mr McVitie and West Ferry, Mr Morris.
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