October 1983

Should Dundee Have a Textile Museum?

MurraygateIn a city once famous for textile production, Dundee historians are concerned by the lack of public recognition of what was its most notable industry.

“What we need is a textile museum,” suggests one city history teacher.
“There are no such museums anymore in Scotland and it would be appropriate as Dundee was the textile centre of Scotland. It’s the sort of museum which would be of interest to people of all ages old-timers who can remember working in the jute mills and the younger generation anxious to find out more of the history of the town they live in”

The schoolmaster, not alone in his appeal for a local textile museum reckoned one could be quickly and easily set up. With the demise of many of the jute factories, equipment is, he says there for the taking. “At the moment, there must be a lot of old looms and bits of factory equipment lying around. Even things like old ledgers and bobbins can be easily found and would all help to give a total picture of the textile industry in Dundee and Scotland.

Support for such a museum is strong and suggestions have been made that one could be set up voluntarily, relying on subscription for funding. However, if such a project were to be set up, work would need to begin within the next year.

“What’s left of the city’s former textile industry is being rapidly demolished and thrown out” commented the teacher. “We would have to move quickly if we wanted old equipment. Even now there’s not much left, and what there is, is rusting away. The textile industry has featured so much in the life of Dundee, and it’s a part of out heritage that’s rapidly disappearing. A museum wouldn’t just provide an interesting and educational focal point, it would also be a tourist attraction. All in all, it’s an idea that shouldn’t be ignored”.

Billy Has An Eye For Goals

Who has scored most Premier League goals for Dundee United this season? Davie Dodds, Ralph Milne, Eamonn Bannon, and John Reilly all come readily to mind, but the honour belongs to Billy Kirkwood.

Five goals make Billy the Premier Division's joint leading scorer with Mark McGhee (Aberdeen). It is pleasing for manager Jim McLean to get a scoring contribution from the midfield.

United want a more positive attitude from that department as they strive to retain the title and Billy Kirkwood has accepted the challenge. But it is not a surprise that he has an eye for goals. The Edinburgh lad is now regarded primarily as a midfielder but he began his senior career as a striker and in season 1978-79 was second top scorer at Tannadice.

Menzieshill Community Centre

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Football Programme Recovered

The historic 1925 Scottish Cup Final programme, stolen from the football exhibition in the Central Museum Dundee, has been recovered. The souvenir of a Dundee v. Celtic final was found inside Tannadice Park, the police announced last Thursday.

£200 Payment Get the Go-ahead
The decision to pay £200 to each of the tenants in Dundee's Derby street multi-storey blocks was confirmed by the full district council last night (Thursday), but only after a debate lasting well over two hours and after proceedings were adjourned while the Labour administration left to have a group meeting on the matter. When they returned it was revealed they had upheld their decision to offer the money.

Councillors had been met at the City Chambers by a crowd of more than 100 Derby Street resident's dissatisfied with the offer. More residents filed into the public gallery inside the Chamber and a third group appeared as a deputation before the council.

The motion was eventually carried by 24 votes to 16 with Mr Ian Mortimer abstaining.

Want to Hear the Truth?

From the cultural desert of the summer months, Dundee has suddenly transformed herself into quite a hot spot as far as entertainment is concerned. At the weekend there was the first Caird Hall concert for many months but the disappointing audience is surely something which promoters hope will not be repeated in future.

Gary Newman's concert was perhaps a little predictable in its content, but surprise was expressed by some of the audience at the poor support given by Tik and Tok, who were expected to come up with some fantastic music and robotic dancing.

However the future looks rosy indeed as fat as local events are concerned - be it on screen, disco wise or in concert.

The Whitehall Theatre opens its doors as a concert venue next Wednesday evening when Mainline Music presents The Truth in Concert. This relatively new London outfit emerged earlier this year with a Top 20 single and are bubbling under the charts once more with "A step in the right direction".

A Must For Bowie Fans

Dundee's ABC2 can expect an army of David Bowie fans coning to see the current film "Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence" (15) has the rock star in a role which has been eagerly awaited. The film is set in a Java prisoner-of-war camp in 1942. Bowie co-stars with Tom Conti who plays Lieutenant-Colonel John Lawrence, an enigmatic figure both to his fellow prisoners and his Japanese captors.

Tom Conti and David Bowie give excellent performances and the music of Ryuichi Sakamoto provides a haunting background.

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