October 1961

Giant Clear-Out is Planned for Lochee

St Roques LibraryFantastic changes are planned for Lochee. Within the next few years the very heart of the Dundee suburb will be removed and replaced by new-look buildings.

The area affected is roughly the triangle bounded by the north side of South Road, Bank Street, High Street, Liff Road, the east side of Gray Street and back down to South Road.

The proposal is to reserve the triangle for industrial and commercial redevelopment. Some 1200 houses will also be erected within the area - in high density units of 20 storeys. The housing area will extend from the corner of Bank Street to Liff Road.

There is also a proposal to include a new school at the other end of South Road, since it is estimated that, Liff Road School won’t cope with the number of families who will move back to the area.

When is this transformation likely to begin?

According to Housing Convener Bailie Harry Dickson the starting date is March 1963 – only 17 months from now. The scheme will link up with the Kirk Street – Marshall Street development which involves the area to the south of South Road.

The layout will include a new road to cut through the area and by-pass the bottle-neck created by Lochee High Street.

“Caps” Galore

Dundee football got a great boost yesterday with the announcement of the Scottish League team to meet the Italian League on November 1.

Two Dundee players get a well-earned “cap” – Ian Ure (centre-half) and right-back Alex. Hamilton.

In the reserve side Dundee also have Seith (right-half) and the left-wing combination of Gilzean and Robertson.

And United is not forgotten – Fraser is the reserve left-half. Congratulations all round!

Caird Hall – The New City “Hub”

First moves have been made to harness a Dundee white elephant.

It’s the Caird Hall, and discussions about its future have taken place between Lord Provost Maurice McManus, Housing Convener Bailie Harry Dickson and City Factor-hall manager Mr Charles MacDonald.

The Caird and Marryat Halls between them meantime lose about £6000 a year. Long term objective is to make them pay their way. Attitude towards the immediate future is likely to be – is the halls must lose money, let their amenities be enjoyed to the full by as many Dundonians as possible. So the following moves will likely be made:-

1 – Introduction soon of Marryat Hall dancing for teenagers on Saturday nights.

2 – Developments of the Caird Hall as the new “hub” of the city.

This would be achieved by the daytime opening of the hall for the selling of coffee, soft drinks, biscuits etc. With background music provided, it would become a place for meeting friends, for passing the time between appointments, for resting in the midst of a heavy day’s shopping. A sixpence admission charge has been suggested.

3 – Approach the Scottish National Orchestra with the idea of Caird Hall “Proms”. These would be informal orchestral concerts of popular music, with cut-price standing room and coffee-bar facilities while the show foes on.

The Caird Hall will also figure in this year’s City Square Christmas Tree celebrations.

The shows on the outdoor stage will still go on, but it will be a case of “if wet in the town hall”.

The Bankers Get Together

Problems confronting bankers were outlined by Mr R.D. Fairbairn, president of the Institute of Bankers in Scotland, speaking to local members of the institute in their Crichton Street clubrooms on Tuesday.

Mr Fairbairn is general manager of the Clydesdale and North of Scotland Bank, Glasgow.

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

Tickets are rapidly going.
Bill Wilkie presents
The N.A.O. North Scotland
Accordion Festival
City Halls, Perth.
Tomorrow (Saturday, October 14)
Contest from 9.30 a.m. Festival Concert from 6.45 p.m.
Starring Ian Powrie and his B.B.C. TV Band
From the Andy Stewart Show, with guest dancer Dixie Ingram and a Host of Stars.
Concert booking from Bill Wilkie’s Music House, 2 and 4 Canal Crescent, Perth.

Fashion Artist Wanted

For situation of staff or widely circulating women’s magazine.

Young woman, with up-to-date and progressive style in fashion drawing both in colour and black and white.

Good prospects for an interesting well-paid career. Send application by post with a specimen of work to Editorial Manager, John Leng & Co., Ltd., 7, Bank Street, Dundee.

West End Palais

Well Road
Saturday Night Dancing
For Young People
7.30 – 10.30….3/-.
No admission after 9.

Happy Brides

The ABC Capitol management is searching for Dundee’s “Happiest Bride of 1961”

The winner will be judged from photographs which have to be handed in to the cinema or to Scott’s Electricity Showrooms, 1-3, Overgate.

Prize for the winner is one of the latest Hooverette vacuum cleaners. The contest was inspired by the forthcoming feature to the Capitol, “The Honeymoon Machine” – to be shown during the week commencing October 23.

Entries must have the name and address and date of the wedding on the back of the photograph. The competition closes next Saturday.

Bright Tips

White Woollens: you can prevent white woollens from turning yellow if you add three drops of olive oil to your last rinsing water. Mrs Jardine, Glasgow.

Table Tennis Balls: Dented table tennis balls can be made as new again by dipping into boiling water for a few minutes. Immediately the dent has disappeared remove with a spoon. Mrs Tait, Aberdeen.

For Breakfast

This is a treat and very nice without eggs. Mrs McCabe, Lanark.

When frying bacon for breakfast fry one side, then turn and put thin sliced of cheese on top. By the time the other side of the bacon is cooked the cheese has melted.