October 1957

Dundee Sees Satellite

West EndPeople in Dundee and elsewhere in Scotland this morning watched the Russian satellite, or its rocket for several minutes. The man-made moon was due to make its 100th orbit of the earth this afternoon. Nightshift workers were among the first people in Dundee and district to see the satellite at 5.30 this morning.  At the West Port, people watched it move over the city from a westerly direction and make out towards the Tay Estuary. It was in view for about three minutes.

Provost - Urgent Need For Tay Road Bridge

The urgent need for a Tay Road Bridge was referred to by Provost T.J. Wishart, Newport-on-Tay at Dundee Presbytery last night. He was speaking in support of  a call from Wormit Parish Church to Rev. Ian H. McK. Robertson, Ferryden. He said they covered all points of the compass in their search for a new minister. Some journey neccessitated leaving at the unearthly hour for a Sabbath morning of about eight o'clock. "When we came north we had to go to Perth and back to Dundee, a distance of about 50 miles, to get two miles north across the river. I think this is just an instance for the urgent paramount need for a Tay Road Bridge.

Rev. William Paterson, St. Fillan's Church, Newport-on-Tay, the interim at Wormit said the vacancy committee made three trips to Montrose. Having to go to Dundee via Perth to get two miles north showed "if a Tay Road Bridge was not absolutely necessary it would have been eminently desirable"

Over 1000 Have Flu in Dundee

Flu is still on the increase in Dundee. Last night the city Medical Officer of Health, Dr Ian B.L. Weir said "There is an increase of around 400 first certificates issued by the National Insurance above the normal for this time of year. But this figure represents a figure for only about a third of the population - the probable number of cases in and around the city is almost certainly well over the 1000 mark.

The schools are not badly affected, but many large firms have reported a steady rise in the number of people off work.

A Link Between Aberdeen and Fintry

A further link between Fintry Community Centre and Northfield Centre in Aberdeen was forged last Saturday. 84 Northend members visited the Dundee group for tea, discussion and a social. During that discussion on community centres in Dundee people found out the the Northfield folk are much better off for accommodation. They have a permanent building with a library, half a dozen work rooms, committee room and students' room.

The Fintry members' plan a return visit in the spring. The meeting took place in Linlathan Primary School as the Community Centre's normal meeting place, Fintry Infants' School does not have a hall.

Snapshots Indoors

Exhibition of photo-flash equipment
Illustrated talks and demonstrations
Y.M.C.A Hall, Constitution Road, Dundee
Monday, October 4 - 6.30pm to 9.30pm
Admission free.


Next week, Columbia's Recording Star
Issy Bonn
The Wisecracking Songster and full supporting cast.
Booking 1-am - 9pm. Phone 4061.

Dundee Repertory Theatre

Monday October 14th for two weeks
"Spider's Web"
An intriguing puzzle with an unusual solution by Agatha Christie.
Directed by Raymond Westwell
Nightly at 7.30pm  Saturday 4.30pm and 7.30pm
Prices: 5/- to 2/6.

Princess Margaret to Visit Dundee

Princess Margaret is to visit Dundee on Friday 6th December. She will open two new developments which will put the city in the forefront of helping old people. One is the new King George VI Memorial Club for old folk at Clement Park and the other the new geriatric unit at Maryfield Hospital.

The Princess's programme in Dundee is not yet known in detail but her visit is expected to be short. The opening ceremonies are expected to be both during the forenoon.

Dundee Will Speed King Street Scheme

Dundee Town Planning Committee decided last night to inform the Scottish Secretary that it is intended to develop as early as possible the King Street -Todburn Lane area. It is scheduled in the town plan for commercial purposes. The Senior Town Clerk Depute, Mr Gordon Watson said he had now had a letter from the Scottish Office following the appeal in May against a town planning decision relating to this area.

Mrs Elizabeth Foster, 72, King Street had appealed after the committee had turned down her application to use buildings at the rear of her tenement home as a ragstore. Mr Watson said the Scottish Secretary shared the corporation view that it was desirable to reduce congestion in the area by clearance, but hesitated to reject the appeal unless there was a prospect of some clearance taking place in the near future. He sought the corporation's view on this. Mr Watson also intimated the result of the appeal in March by David Koppel against the corporation's refusal to permit him to use premises at 11, Kinnaird Street as a commission agent's office. The Scottish Secretary had granted planning permission for a period of two years.