October 1930

Duke of York call at Village Shop

NethergateThe birth of Princess Margaret Rose, the infant daughter of the Duke and Duchess of York, has been registered at Glamis Registration Office.

She was born on August 21st. The Registrar (Mr Charles Buchanan) is also postmaster at the village, and in addition is grocer, confectioner and tobacconist. All his multifarlous duties are conducted in a low-ceilinged village shop.It was to this shop that the Duke of York himself went to register the birth. According to Scots Law, a birth should be registered within 21 days but the law also permits of an extention of time of three months on request. Evidently the Duke took advantage of the extention, otherwise he would have been liable to a penalty of 20s. Had the Princess's birth been registered within the statutory 21 days her birth certificate would have borne the number "p13".

In the Interval however another child had been born in the parish and registered so that the Princess has escaped the unlucky number.

A Novelty

One of the most interesting features of the Income Tax building in the east wing of City Square is an automatic lift, a novelty for Dundee.  Supposing one wishes to interview the gentleman presiding over our financial destinies, all one has to do is to enter the lift at the ground floor, touch a button, and, hey, presto - you are at the top before you can collect yourself.

Lady Mary Fair

The Lady Mary Fair subject has a few different aspects. It is an age-old establishment which became part of the life of the city - for a week each year and, although shopkeepers generally did not look upon the fair with favour, the people on the whole were attracted by the bargains.

Unusual Occurences

An unusual occurrence interrupted the journey of a Lochee-bound tramcar at Polepark on Wednesday night.  It was discovered that a child's leather-thonged whip had become entangled in the live wire and was obstructing the progress of the trolley.  The conductor climbed on to the top of a city-bound car and removed the obstruction with a trolley pole.

Good Fish Supply

Owing to its convenient situation as regards river and sea coast - Dundee has always been provided with a good supply of fish?

The Tay contains fish of many species, including salmon.  In the 16th century all the salmon fishings within the town were leased and the proceeds devoted to the Common Good. Though salmon were generally too dear for common use, an abundant supply of white fish was obtained along the adjoining sea coast, and this formed an important part of the people's food.

Rigorous measures were taken to prevent speculation, and officials were appointed to see that no one bought fish at the market for the purpose of reselling them later to the inhabitants at a profit. Fluke fishing was also pursued, though today the only industry of importance followed in the Tay is the catching of sprats, which are mostly sent to the canning factories.

Summer Time Ends Tomorrow Morning

Before retiring tonight PUT BACK the hands of clocks and watches one hour. Striking clocks should be stopped for one hour.

Entertainments & Dances

Corporation of Dundee, Caird Hall
Recital of the Grand Organ
By James Hinchliffe, City Organist
Harold F. Adamson (Forfar) Baritone
Betty K. Leslie (Solo Violinist)
Sunday at 8pm
Silver Collection.

How Coffee Should Be Made

To make the ideal pot "an ordinary earthenware jug is the ideal coffee pot" declared Rotarian James Aimer, addressing Dundee Rotary Club on Thursday on "Coffee".

Anybody could make good coffee, he said, but it was necessary to have a clean jug. Bowling water should be added until the coffee was thoroughly moistened then the jug might be filled to the top. Excellent coffee can be made without any fancy machines.

Fined For Good Deed

A bus conductor's good deed resulted in his appearance at Dundee Sheriff Court yesterday. James Johnston, 95, Alexander Street, admitted having carried 13 passengers in excess of his number. He explained that his was the only bus on the route at the time and he allowed a number of lads who always boarded that bus to come on because otherwise they would have lost half a days work. He was fined £1.

Chocolate Packers

Experienced girls required at once. James Keiller and Sons Ltd., Albert Street, Dundee.