November 1953

Two Bridges and Trunk Road Needed - says M.P.

Library"A Forth road bridge by itself is useless. It would merely transfer the bottleneck farther north" says Mr Spence, M.P.In a commons question on Tuesday Mr Spence will suggest a Tay Bridge and a dual carriageway trunk road to link both bridges.

If funds are not available for the whole scheme, he thinks the Government could seek estimates for the road.

He says the splendid carriageway round the back of Dundee should be continued across the Tay and through Fife to the Forth to provide the complete answer to the traffic problem in the area.

Memorial Service on Top of the Law

Tomorrow afternoon the magistrates of Dundee will make their way up the Law. At the top they will gather in a silent circle round the base of the War Memorial.

Then Rev H.O. Douglas, the minister of Dundee Parish Church (St Mary's) will conduct a short memorial service.

At the end of it the Lord Provost will, on the magistrates behalf, lay a poppy wreath on the War Memorial. It will be followed by other wreaths from other bodies.

So another armistice will be marked and Dundee's dead of two world wars saluted at the memorial dedicated to their memory.

Something New for the Youngsters

"I'm going away to the youth centre". Recently many parents have heard their youngsters say that as they went out. And they may have thought afterwards, "well that's a new one". And they were right.

For Dundee's youth centres are new. The first one was started six weeks ago.

Now there are four - at Dudhope, Cowgate and Tay Street schools, and at the Eastern school in Broughty Ferry. The aim is 15.

At present 90-100 young people between the ages of 15 and 20 are attending Eastern school. There are 50 at Dudhope, 30 at Tay Street, and 24 at Cowgate. The centres are open two nights a week from 7 pm till 10 pm.

The programme for the evening is divided into three sections, which include handicrafts, recreational acts and dancing.

Those who attend are charged 6d a week, and at present the centre are more or less self-supporting.

City Square Will Go Gay Again!

A forty foot Christmas tree will decorate City Square from December 22nd till January 4th. Plans were drawn up this week at a meeting of Dundee Rotary Club Community Services Committee, augmented by corporation officials. Lord Provost Black attended, and Mr Peter Jackson presided.

The tree is to be provided from a corporation plantation and the lights will be switched on by Mrs Charles Robertson, wife of the Rotary Club president.

Bands, dancers and singers have offered their services, and religious services will take place at the switching-on ceremony, on Christmas even, and Hogmanay.

Do You Make Your Christmas Gifts?

Many people are by now making presents. What do you make and how? Each present may be suitable for a child, man or woman, but the cost of materials must not exceed 5s.

Prize of two guineas will be awarded for what Aunt Kate considers the best present for the money. There will also be consolation gifts. Letters should be kept short.

Entries to:- Christmas Presents, c/o "People's Journal", 8 Bank Street, Dundee, Comp., by November 17th.

Today's Best Sellers

David Whitfield
    *      Answer Me

Frankie Laine
    *      Hey Joe
    *      Answer Me
    *      Where the Wind Blows
    *      I Believe
    *      Way Down Yonder in New Orleans

Guy Mitchell
    *      Look at That Girl
    *      Chicka-boom

Johnnie Ray
    *      With These Hands

Low's, 21 Crichton Street, Dundee

Kidd's Snowballs

These charming little cakes with their snowy coating of coconut are always popular on the tea table. Each 2½d.

Andrew G. Kidd Ltd
Branches throughout the city
Also at 148 High Street, Perth

Child Welfare

During October 52 cases involving the welfare of 133 children were dealt with by Dundee Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

Favourite Food

Dundee workers don't like food served to them which bears unfamiliar names.

This is the conclusion of Mr J.E. Parker, newly appointed catering officer of the National Cash Register Company (Manufacturing) Ltd., Dundee.

At the N.C.R. the menu always offers a choice of five courses, and Mr Parker is surprised at the persistent refusal to accept food with an unfamiliar tag.

Instead, employees keep to mince or fish and chips.

What's on Tonight

La Scala - Moulin Rouge
Gaumont - Little Boy Lost
Kinnaird - Stronghold
Playhouse - Pony Express
Odeon - Charge of the Light Brigade
Empire - Trouble Along the Way
Plaza - The Naked Spur
Regent - Tropic Zine
Royal - Forever Female
Tivoli - The Sniper
Forest Park - The Naked Spur
Gray's - The Sell-out
Rialto - The Naked Spur
Astoria - Who Done It
Rep - Deep Freeze