May 1960

Lord Provost McManus

Angus HotelThe appointment as Lord Provost of ex- Bailie Maurice McManus was confirmed at last night's meeting of Dundee Corporation. Lord Provost McManus, ex-miner, and now sales representative with the Hydro-Electric Board is 54 and a grandfather. He and his wife, Lillian, have three sons, two daughters and two grandchildren. He is a Roman Catholic.The appointment is an honour for Lochee. The decorative lamp - posts reserved for the reigning Lord Provost will go up in a Lochee Corporation housing scheme - outside the McManus home at 44 Clement Park Road. The appointment followed a narrow Socialist win at Tuesday's polls.

352 Feet Are Raring to Go!

This Perth to Dundee walk - a wee bit too far for you perhaps?
Aye, we think so, too. So we hope you'll join us in the City Square this afternoon to follow the progress of the "Big Walk"

On a huge "People's Journal" board the placings of the leading competitors will be recorded as they move down the Carse of Gowrie. We are able to do this thanks to the radio stations set up by local Territorial Army units at Glendoick, Halfway, Longforgan and Invergowrie. By a happy coincidence, the Scottish Pipe Band Association is playing in City Square during the afternoon, so come down and support them too.

No fewer than 176 competitors will be sent off from the North Inch, Perth, by Lord Provost John T. Young. The 49 ladies at one o'clock and the 127 men at 1.30. In addition to the prizes, every competitor who completes the course by 7pm will receive a "People's Journal" certificate. Finishing point is Esplanade, 250 yards west of Craig Pier.

Leading competitors should be coming up to the tape about 4.45pm to 5pm but ample warning of when to expect them will be given in City Square. After a hot bath and tea in the Central Baths the winners will get their prizes from Lord Provost Maurice McManus.

The tremendous entry reflects the great interest being taken in this revived classic. Special praise to the ladies. Their entry includes six teams. The men have 13 teams forward, including six from the Territorial Army Units.

Two Towns Meet in Balmossie Street
Balmossie Street is no ordinary street. For half its residents live in one town and the remainder in another. The boundary line between the county of Angus and the city of Dundee runs right down the centre of this street. The people who live on one side are natives of Monifieth and those on the other side are Dundonians.

But the difference between them doesn't end there. There's the financial side to be taken into account. The different "natives" enjoy the same amenities, yet those who live in Monifieth seem to have the best of it. Their rates are only 18s 8d in the £1, whereas those who live in Dundee have to contend with 22s 11d in the £1.

Most of the breadwinners in the street find their employment in Dundee. To get there they can use the corporation bus service, which starts in Balmossie Street. The Dundonians pay for this service in their rates, the Monifieth residents don't!

The children who live on the Monifieth side should attend Monifieth Primary School. If they gain a scholarship to a senior secondary school they could be faced with a daily journey to Arbroath - 11 miles away.

Whereas those who live in Dundee can attend either the Eastern School or the primary department of Grove Academy. Again if these children should gain a similar scholarship they can attend Grove Academy two miles away. But some of the children on the Monifieth side are pupils of Dundee High School.

Additional benefits of living in Monifieth? Well, perhaps it's a small point, but nonetheless a significant one. During the winter the snowplough had cleared the Monifieth side of the street by 9am, while the Dundonians had to "cross the border" to enjoy one amenity afforded by Monifieth!

The Dundonians obviously are a wee bit worse off in this situation, but what can be done about it? Well, the line has to be drawn somewhere - even although it's right down the middle of Balmossie Street!

Reid Hairstylists

No summer fashion is complete without a
New Hair Style
For all types of permanent waving consult
Reid Hairstylists,
215, Hilltown, Dundee.
For appointments phone 2529
Open all day Saturday.


Try this friendly caravan site that people come back to; four-berths available except July 16-23. Write to Lansdowne Park Dundee.

Gaumont Dundee

Retained for second week
Cont. from 2.15
The greatest naval epic of them all starring
Kenneth More, Dan Wynter
In John Brabourne's production of
"Sink The Bismark" (U) cinemascope.

Summer Style Hits Lochee

Lochee had a glimpse of summer this week when Alex. Smith Stores Ltd., held their first fashion parade in their premises at 100, High Street.

An extensive range of summer clothes was shown by three professional mannequins and four members of staff. Three year-old Aileen Dysart, the granddaughter of a member of the staff, was the star of the show, with seven year-old Myra Thomson, whose mother works for the firm, a close follow-up.

There was standing room only on all four evenings of the show and about £30 was raised for old people.

Palace Theatre

6.25 Twice nightly 8.30
Complete change of programme
The Alec Finlay Show
Produced and devised by Geoff Morris,
Starring Scotland's Gentleman
Alec Finlay
Star of TV, stage and radio
With a galaxy of top-flight artists,
Including Dundee's own TV Tenor
Dennis Clancy
Usual prices of admission
Book now. Box office open 10am to 9pm.