May 1958

Tommy Steele Knocked Out

Baxter Park TerraceTommy Steele was almost torn apart by young fans in amazing scenes at Dundee Caird Hall last night. He was mobbed and collapsed, unconscious. The scenes happened at 10.45pm. With two choruses to go in "Mabeline" a song written by Tommy himself,  he let out an enthusiastic  "Oh Yeah" and fans, mostly girls, who had been flooding down on to the stage from the capacity audience, took that as a signal for the end.

Three hundred girls mostly teenagers and a few youths caught the strong body of stewards off guard and mobbed the stage. They poured down the aisles, over the footlights and down from the organ gallery. A centre entrance to the stage had been brought back into use for the first time for several years as an additional security measure. Fans jumped, in some cases 10 feet, from the organ gallery into the passage, and cut off Tommy's escape. Tommy was submerged in a sea of screaming girls. He stood bemused for a moment and appeared to attempt to reason with them. But it was no use! Manager Larry Parnes took control and fought his way to Tommy's side. He pushed aside the fans and tried to force his way through the doorway. Tommy's right arm had been twisted up his back, his shirt ripped from his back and hair pulled from his head by admirers.

The battle for Tommy between the mob and the stewards lasted several minutes. His manager at one stage struck out at the fans as Tommy pleaded "Let me go" and screamed in agony. He was pulled almost unconscious to the door leading backstage and collapsed in the passage. As he fell to the floor, the crowd was held back and stewards and a "Courier" reporter carried him unconscious, his guitar still hanging from his neck, to the dressing room. He was laid on the floor. His manager rushed for a cup of water for him while the guitar was tenderly removed and Tommy made more comfortable. Mr Charles M. MacDonald city factor in charge of backstage security, cleared the dressing-room of all but Tommy's team.

A doctor and an ambulance were sent for but the doctor was not required. The ambulance men treated Tommy, who had by this time regained consciousness, for an injured shoulder. Meanwhile as soon as Tommy had been pulled from the battleground, all the doors leading to the hall itself had been locked and chocks knocide in at the bottom to stop them being forced open. For several minutes the struggle continued, and one girl fainted and had to be carried outside the hall.

The battle on the stage ended when someone momentarily plunged the hall into darkness. After this the audience, with a few exceptions began to file out of the hall. One steward said "I have never experienced anything like that. I thought he was going to be killed".

About half an hour after the attack, Mr Parnes, Tommy's manager said Tommy was alright. "He's disappointed at not finishing his show and wanted to go back and finish it. I told him that the hall had been cleared. But Tommy has no hard feelings against Dundee, he still wants to come back to Dundee. He  says he has got to finish the show".

Girl Flies Across World to D.R.I

A ten year old girl from Brunei, the wealthy independent British protected oil state in North Borneo, is arriving in Dundee today after an air journey of 8000 miles to be a patient in the Royal Infirmary. The girl is Marjit Kaur, daughter of a Brunei Government official. She has a heart condition which will be investigated here.

Professor I.G.W. Hill, of the Chair of Medicine in Queen's College, Dundee (St. Andrews University) said last night that he was in Brunei two years ago on his tour of the Far East. Probably as a result of that the principal medical officer of the State of Brunei recently wrote to him and asked whether he could accept the child for investigation and treatment. The Professor agreed at once. All he knew at the moment was that the girl had a congenital heart condition which might be a case for surgical repair. The young patient will be in the general care of the ward supervised by Professor J.L Henderson, of the Chair of Child Health.

Marjit has arrived in London by plane and it is expected she is being accompanied on the train journey to Dundee by a representative of the Brunei Government from London. It is not known if she speaks any English. Before her long journey, the girl had to be medically examined at Singapore, by the airline's Doctor. This was a Scot from Morayshire, Dr W.T.K. Sellar, a nephew of Dr A.C. Allan, 16, Shaftesbury Road, Dundee. Dr Allan said last night " I recently had a letter from my nephew telling me about a little girl he had just seen who is on her way to Dundee. He asked if I would be good enough to visit her and send him reports on the child's progress.

Permanent Club for Old Folk Planned

Dundee may have a permanent full-time club for the old folk in the Hilltown. At last night's annual general meeting of Dundee Old People's Welfare Committee, Sheriff J.W. Christie said almost sufficient money had been collected to start the full-time permanent club in the city.

A site had been chosen in the Hilltown, but until the corporation received confirmation from the Scottish Office it could not give the "go ahead."

Lady Douglas Gordon, Logie, Kirriemuir stressed the need for more helpers because of the increasing number of old folk. As old and beautiful buildings were preserved and tended by the National Trust, so should elderly people be cared for by the young and able, she said.

In her Chairman's report, Mrs K.C. Hayens said that, looking back over the past year, it was felt the old people taking advantage of the Hilltown Club, particularly  the lunches, had greatly benefited, This was noticeable in their general health.

Mrs M.M. Andrew, the warden, continued to do a wonderful job, and had made a truly happy club for 300 members. The panel of 55 visitors regularly called on 64 house-bound old people and 14 others from time to time throughout the year. There has been an increase in the membership of the afternoon clubs and some were full to capacity. In this service there were about 250 helpers.

Call for Film Ban by Dundee Councillors

A call to ban or boycott an American film which is due to be shown in Dundee next month was made last night at a meeting of Dundee Police Committee. The film " The Young Invaders" is reported to depict the morality of the city "very unfavourably" says Councillor J.L. Stewart. He said he understood the film was fresh example of American burlesque telling the story of a platoon of G.I's billeted in Dundee. "I am very indignant about it, because we are very proud of our city. It is a great disservice to the city if it is to be burlesqued in this way. We must surely draw the line if we find our womenfolk held up to ridicule as people having farmyard morality to satisfy American troops while their own men were fighting in war.

Mr Harry Dickson said he had read about the picture, and obviously it slandered the city. "It specifically mentions Dundee and Dundee has a record far superior to any city in this country as far as morals are concerned. "I an taking strong exception to this film being shown in Dundee, and think we should do everything we can to have it banned. I ask the people of Dundee to boycott it"

Mr Stewart said the film had an "A" certificate. It showed that most of the toops' training was done in bedrooms, and consequently appeared to show Dundee women in a bad light, which was not true. They should protest vigorously against this slander.

Chief Constable J.C. Pattison said the film had come to his notice from the Press in London saying it had been shown there and that they did not think it showed Dundee up in a good light at all. He understood the film was coming to Dundee next month. The Town Clerk was instructed to investigate the position regarding the film and look into the possibility of not having it shown on local screens. It is understood there is a possibility of the arrangements for bringing the film to Dundee being cancelled.

Duke in Dundee Tomorrow

The Duke of Edinburgh comes to Dundee tomorrow evening in connection with the Duke of Edinburgh's award scheme. Arriving by helicopter from Leuchars at Riverside Park at 6pm, he will drive along Riverside Drive and then via Perth Road, Glamis Road and Blackness Road to the Macrae Boys' Club in Glenagnes Road. At 6.40pm he will move onto the Boys' Brigade headquarters in Long Wynd, going by Blackness Road, Westport and the Overgate. His next call will be at the YMCA in Constitution Road where he is expected at 7.18pm. To get there he will be driven by Overgate, North Lindsay Street and Ward Road. He will leave at 7.50pm and travel by Constitution Road, Meadowside, Reform Street and High Street to City Chambers where he is to dine with the Lord Provost. The Duke leaves for the South from Dundee West Station at 10.15pm.

Changes in Jute Yarn Prices

Adjustments have been make to the prices of jute yarns as from today. The prices of Dundee jute cloths remain unchanged. These adjustments take into account the recent trend in raw jute prices and changes which have taken place in production costs during the last eighteen months.

The new prices with previous rates in brackets include - 8lb medium spools, 16.59d per lb(16.29d); 8lb sacking chains, 17.20d per lb (16.90d); 8lb common cops 15.44d per lb (15.14d).

A Grand Old Lady

An old friend will be visiting West Station this afternoon. She is locomotive No.123 of the Caledonian Railway and she is making a special excursion trip from Perth to Dundee and back. No.123 came out of retirement some weeks ago at the age of 72 with a shiny new coat of blue and gold Caledonian livery to take a jaunt from Perth to Edinburgh. For today's outing she has chosen the line on which she worked before her retiral in 1935. Today she will leave Perth at 3.45 pulling two coaches with room for a total of 108 passengers and will arrive in Dundee ar 4.17. She will set out for Perth again at 6.15 arriving at 6.47. Passengers will be issued with a souvenir ticket (price 4s 6d return), which they will be allowed to keep.


The Over 25's Ballroom Dance Club
Every Tuesday 8pm - 1pm.
Member 2/6. New member welcome.
Professional band in attendance.

Open Speed Event
Perth and District Motor Club
R.A.F Association - Dundee Branch
Open speed event at Errol Aerodrome
Sunday May 18, 2pm (first race), practice 12noon - 1pm.