May 1937

Dundee Goes All “Coronation”

By Our Own Reporter

Which will be Dundee’s most gaily decorated street on Coronation Day? I asked myself this question when passing along the town’s principal thoroughfares yesterday morning.On all sides shops and other buildings were preparing to go gay for the great event. Will the honour fall to Murraygate, Nethergate, Reform Street or the Overgate? I wonder.

Half an hour later I decided that a little cul-de-sac off Hawkhill – Bernard Street – will take a lot of beating. The residents of this street are determined to make it the most brightly decorated part of the city.

At the foot of Bernard Street I came upon a group of four housewives eagerly discussing their Coronation plans. In a few minutes the whole street knew of my arrival, and I found myself surrounded by about thirty women all anxious to tell me about their ambitious arrangements.

Sometimes two of them, sometimes three were speaking to me at the same time, and I was greatly impressed by their enthusiasm. Mostly mill-workers, and many unemployed, the residents are to give colourful testimony to their loyalty to Their Majesties by setting out a brilliant array of decorations.

Although these people have very little money to spare, by dint of hard saving they have amassed a huge amount of flags, banners, lanterns, bells and so on. There is a full-length picture of the King and Queen, and a streamer inscribed “God Save the King”.

When night comes, coloured electric bulbs will twinkle overhead, and two powerful lights, one at the top and another at the bottom of the street, will blaze forth.

A leading part in the arrangements is being taken by Mr Robert Shepherd, ex-serviceman and mill-worker of Bernard Street. Arriving home for his midday break from work, Mr Shepherd invited me up to house and there I found a room absolutely crowded to overflowing with decorations.

“We have been preparing for over a month now,” Mr Shepherd told me “My wife has been so busy sewing the decorations together that she hasn’t had time to do her washing”!

“As well as the decorations, we are going to have paper hats and balloons. Up to the present time my wife and I have spent about thirty shillings”.

“The neighbours will not be without music either, for my wife is a grand accordion player”
Yes. These folks of Bernard Street certainly believe in doing the thing in real style. It will be a regular royal day for them. Well done Bernard Street!

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Boys’ School at Stobswell

The tenants of the former Melrose Terrace allotments in Dundee who hoped to be allowed to cultivate the ground again will be disappointed.

Building on this site will probably start sometime this year. About two years ago the site, which lies between Clepington and Stobswell Schools, was taken over by Dundee Education Committee for the erection of a building as part of Stobswell School. The building was approved by the committee, and since them detailed plans have been in preparation.

The new building will be used as a boys’ school and the present Stobswell School as a girls’ school.


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Police Shine as Footballers

Dundee police beat their Angus rivals 5-2 in a match at Dens Park in aid of Dundee Royal Infirmary.

There were spells of brilliant teamwork, capped with “picture” goals.

Dundee had the only tow goals of the first half. Turnbull scored a few minutes from the commencement from a cross by Chalmers. Towards the end of the period Stephen, Chalmers and Tosh moved forward in line. Keeper Burnett, who was 10 yards out, tried to lift the ball from Stephen’s foot, but the inside-right sent the ball home.

Angus bombarded the Dundee goal on the resumption, and a Wilson-Greig move led to a score by Fleming. In 10 minutes Tosh scored for Dundee, but this was countered by another from Greig.

Towards the end a clearance by keeper Burnett rebounded off Smith into goal, and the fifth Dundee point was from a header by J. Ferguson following a corner.

South Anchor Coronation Dinner

A Coronation dinner was served in South Anchor Jute Works, West Henderson’s Wynd. The event marked the opening of the new dining hall.

The old engine room has been converted, and with a new floor and walls relined, and furnished with tables, forma and stove the hall should prove a boon to the workers.

Mr J.A. Galloway, the owner, accompanied by his wife and daughter, after declaring the hall open, entertained 100 of the workers to dinner.

To mark the occasion, Mrs Milne, the oldest weaver, presented Mrs Galloway with a Coronation bouquet, and Miss Galloway was make the recipient of a box of chocolates by Miss Rennet on behalf of the Forfar employees of the firm.

Mr Robert Lyall, confidential clerk to the firm, spoke, and votes of thanks were proposed by Mrs McGill, another employee.

Downpour Causes Flooding

Yesterdays torrential downpour in Dundee resulted in flooding in several of the lanes in the Dock Street area, notably Candle Lane.

Twelve bales of jute in a store in Candle Lane occupied by Ralli Brothers, were damaged when it was flooded to a depth of eight inches, and a store occupied by Whitbread and Co Ltd and the rear of Lamb’s garage were also flooded.

Mary Ann Lane, East Whale Lane and Foundry Lane were also affected by flooding.

Abbey Road

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Great London Circus Revue

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