May 1909

Absorbing Broughty

Mars Training ShipTime and again during the past few years the question of uniting Broughty Ferry with the City of Dundee has been raised, and as often has the proposal been coldly received by the authorities in the seaside burgh. Yet another effort has to be chronicled, and it remains to find out what the result shall be. The other evening the Town Clerk of Broughty Ferry intimated to his Council receipt of a communication requesting certain information as to the conduct of the burgh and its finances with the view to steps being taken to bring about a union. The council however, does not seem to have taken too kindly to the proposal, and one result was an instruction to the Clerk to reply to the Town Clerk of Dundee deprecating raising such a question other than directly through the Town Council of Broughty Ferry. The statistics asked for, it is understood, have been refused.

The Proposed Botanic Gardens

The proposal to convert Clarendon Park Nursery, Perth Road, into a botanic garden, is to get no financial support from the college authorities. The matter came up at a meeting of the college committee on Wednesday, which was presided by Sir. Geo. Baxter, LL.D. The scheme was submitted by Professor Geddes, and provided for a botanic garden on the site of Clarendon Park Nursery, with the Seabraes and underlying ground continuous with Magdalen Green. The Professor wrote that the scheme had been favourably minuted by the Town Council and that Mr Scrymgeour, Convener of Parks Committee, had undertaken to submit it to the June meeting of his committee. The intention was to secure co-operation of the College Council, Town Council, educational bodies, and private donors. The College Council expressed their good wishes to the scheme, but regretted that their financial condition did not justify giving it any monetary help.

Money, Shares, Investments

Dundee Savings Bank.
The Head Office, Euclid St.,
Is now open on
Monday Evening
Instead of on a
Wednesday Evening.

Dundee Latest Signatures

For some time rumours have been afloat to the effect that Dorward, who made such a good show with the Dundee A -team last season, was likely to throw in his lot with Dundee's new combination, the Dundee Hibs, but these rumours have proved groundless, Dorward having just re-signed for another season for Dundee. Dundee now have five good backs on their list, their names being Comrie, Chaplin, Lawson, McEwan and Dorward.

Gaiety Theatre

Wholesome, healthy humour, and plenty of it, is the keynote to this week's show at the Gaiety Theatre, for the Majiltons are there. They present a farce that had been seen here before, "Round the Clock", but it has not suffered any by the hand of time. Mr Charles Majilton plays the principal part, and his company includes great talent. Also of exceptional merit is the turn of the Six Albyns, who give a sketch that is really a musical comedy in tabloid form. Serious music has a pleasing exponent in Minnie D'Aubyn.

New Forward for Dundee

R. Menzies, the ex-Heart of Midlothian, Manchester United and Luton centre forward has been secured by Dundee.

His Majesty's Theatre

Managing Director - Mr Robert Arthur
Next Week - Mon., May, 17th
Special production for 12 nights
"Rob Roy"
Mr William Mollison as "The Bailie."
Mr Ben Davies as "Francis Osbaldstone."
Box Office 10 to 6. Tel. 795.

Canada's Grand Trunk Railway System

Intending emigrants to Canada and the United States should consult us before booking for the latest information.
Passages booked by all Atlantic lines.
Glasgow Office - 75, Union Street.

Wash-day Worries Are Over

From the day you use the first tablet of
Balmoral Cleanser
It is the "Scotch soap for Scotch folk," made with Scotch thoroughness. It is made with "solid fats," and so it lasts very much longer than the ordinary kinds; does the work very much better and very much more quickly. Leaves your linen spotlessly white, fragrant and pure, without backache, hand-smart or rotting clothes.

Remember to ask for "Balmoral" and note the trade mark.
3d. per 16-ounce full-weight twin-tablets.