May 1908

Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman's Funeral

Dundee 1900London on Monday paid tribute to the memory of the late ex-Premier, Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman when the body of the dead statesman rested before the alter in Westminster Abbey while an impressive funeral service was conducted. The congregation represented every class of the community from the King to the humblest of his subjects.Thousands of people thronged the streets and respectfully saluted the funeral cortege as it passed from Downing Street to Westminster Abbey and later from the Abbey to Euston Station where the coffin was entrained for Meigle, where Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman was to be laid to rest beside the remains of his beloved wife.

Vote For Churchill

Vote For Churchill and no taxes on food
because Churchill is a powerful Liberal Statesman
because Dundee is radical and Churchill is radical
because the Tories hate Churchill like poison
because Churchill is far and away the ablest of the candidates
because the noisy, paid-for, peace-breaking women want Churchill out
because Churchill will support Asquith and Reform
because Radical want old age pensions from the government
because Churchill is the ablest exponent of Free Trade
because the Tories are feverishly anxious to "down" Churchill
because Churchill will be Prime Minister one day
because Dundee knows are able man when it hears one.

Mr Churchill at Drill Hall

Seldom if ever in the political annals of Dundee has there been such a gathering as that which assembled in the Drill Hall last night to hear Mr Winston Churchill open his electioneering campaign. Had the hall been as large again its capacity  would have been taxed to accommodate all those who sought admission. Thousands were turned away. Arrangements were made for seating 2000 persons. By 7pm the space thus set apart was fully occupied and outside the Drill Yard Square was thronged.

Later when the central doors were opened, the standing room, the limits of which were greatly encroached upon, was in a few minutes occupied to the full. In all over 5000 persons were present.

Street Stumping

Those who listened to the Suffragettes at their outdoor meetings yesterday had fun along with politics. At the gate of Carmichael's Foundry, Miss Maloney delivered an address in the course of which she said the women had long enough done the dirty work at elections. It was, indeed, dirty work to go canvassing and have to kiss all the dirty smudgy babies (great laughter). They now wished for the clean work, which was the vote.

A man in the crowd proposed a vote of thanks and while pleased enough, Miss Maloney said it was not so much thanks as votes against the Government they wanted.

Newport Holidaymakers

Holidaymakers on Monday were favoured with splendid weather. Close on 8000 persons visited the burgh of Newport and the Tay Ferries' officials spent a strenuous day. Waterston Park was as usual the spot favoured by nearly all the picnic parties. Many Newportonians took advantage of the special railway facilities.

In the afternoon a contingent of Boys Brigade visitied St Andrews.

52, Wellgate

May I have the pleasure of booking your order today for that new suit?
The shelves are full of the latest patterns for summer wear.
I should say that the most popular colour selling is brown.
These I have in the most beautiful designs and at the most moderate prices.
Right in the front of my window you will find a fine choice of these new browns.
They are marked 55s for a Jacket Suit made to fit.
For this figure I will make you a suit that will please in every way.
If I get you once here, you'll be back again for you next suit sure.
When may I expect to take your inches down in my order book?
I am at your service any day. I've got a phone added lately. My number is 1887.
Ring me up if you can't come along and your request will be attended to.
I am yours.
Tom Gardiner, Tailor.

Lawn Tennis, Cricket, Croquet, Golf

New season's stock of requisites for the above games now delivers. Magnificent selection of all the leading makers' specialities all at the lowest prices.
Send for an illustrated catalogue:-
D.M. Meldrum's, 13-15, Reform Street, Dundee.

When Shoes are Muddy...

Shoes when muddy and wet may be greatly preserves by the use of vaseline. Rub the shoes well with a soft cloth, after all the mud had been carefully removed, saturate a cloth with vaseline and rub it well into the shoes, place them on boot trees or stuff with newspaper, leaving them for twenty four hours. Then give then another dressing and rubbing and the shoes will appear equal to new.