March 1908

The Dundee Murder - Suspect Arrested in England

East StationA man said to be Charles White or Doherty "wanted" in connection with the Ann Street murder has been arrested by the Cheshire Police. So satisfied are the Dundee authorities that the person in custody is the object of hue and cry which has traversed the country that last night two officers - Criminal Officer Charles and Superintendent Detective Lakie - left the city to bring the suspect to Dundee. They travelled by train at 9.15 from the West Station. The arrest was made at Northwick, which is about 12 miles from Chester.

Sunday Football on Dundee Streets

Sunday football and disturbances on the part of the youth of the city are becoming so common that strong steps are being taken to have such conduct put down. At Dundee Police Court on Saturday three batches of boys came before Baille Crichton for breaking Sunday quietude.

In a back court in Dallfield Walk four boys were interrupted in an enjoyable game of football. Three of the lads were fined 1s, while a previous offender had finded 2s 6d while the alternative being on days imprisonment. The residents in Little John Street for weeks have been disgusted that spectators of both senior and junior Sunday football matches, and matters became unbearable that an "anonymous letter signed "A Disgusted Spectator" was sent to Chief Con. Dewar.

On Sunday 1st March two plain clothes constables captured eight lads engaged in "horse-play". A fine of 2s or one days imprisonment was imposed on each. For fully half a hour ten boys indulged in "kick" in Market Street. When the police came upon the scene over 100 persons were watching the proceedings. A nominal penalty of 1s or one day, was also imposed.

March Winds

For the lips that mustn't, for the lips that may,
Brave the bitter blasts of a wintry day;
For the lips of the maids, the lips of the matron,
The lips of the servant, the lips of a patron,
There's Lypsyl
Lypsyl for Tender lips. Prepared by the Vinolia Co.
At chemists 6d and 1s.

Her Majesty's Theatre

Managing Director Mr Robert Arthur.
Monday 9th March for six nights only.
Engagement of Mr John Clyde and Co in the favourite Scottish Play "Jeannie Deans"

Banana Jam

Large course bananas not too ripe are used and the little slices are used and should remain whole and present an inviting experience. 12 large bananas to 6 sweet oranges and 4 lemons are required. Cut the bananas after peeling then into rather thin round slices add ¾lb of preserving sugar. Boil rather slowly for ¾ hour. The oranges and lemons must be squeezed on a glass squeezer all the pulp should be pressed out and used, excluding the pips.

The St John's Ambulance Association, by Royal commission is to abolished. Scotland in the matter of training of the kind is to be given over to the St . Andrew's Association

Dundee Dog and Cat Show

Kinnaird Hall
25th and 26th March
Entries close 19th March
Particulars from Hon. Secretary, 31, Reform Street, Dundee.

Lambing Shepherd

Lambing Shepherd wanted for a few weeks for BF ewes about 10th April; all lambed on low ground. Apply McNaughton, Lochelbank, Glenfarg.