March 1907

Dundee Workers For USA

WeighhouseFor some time past a difficulty has been experienced in various parts of the city in securing the services of skilled and reliable spinners, and the departure for America of a large contingent of local operatives will probably tend aggravate this phase of the labour problem in Dundee.Large extensions of machinery are being carried out in the States, necessitating the engagement of additional workers. In various parts of Dundee operatives are employed, and these, more than satisfied with their lot, are now sending home for relatives and friends, a proceeding which in the case of jute workers, has the sanction of the US government. At the moment operatives, principally spinners are giving notice in most of the mills in the city and it is computed that about one hundred are on their way or about to depart for the American side of the Atlantic.


Almost new, grand full tone, in perfect condition. £7 for £4, or 5's monthly.
D.F. Sherriff, 24 Hilltown, Dundee.

Gymnastic Competition

Grand Gymnastic Competition
Tonight (Saturday 2nd March) in St Mary Magdalene's Hall at 7.30 pm.
Arbroath YMGC versus St Mary Magdalene GC.
Semi-final shield tie, vocal and instrumental music.
Admission: - 2d and 1d.

Dundee School Appointments

At a meeting of the school committee of the Dundee School Board on Monday, the resignation was accepted of Miss Jane B. Drewitt, teacher in Balfour Street School. Mr David Mann, Glebelands School was transferred to the vacant caretakership of Rosebank School.

Inspector of Agents

The Law Accident Insurance Society Ltd., require the services of an Inspector of Agents attached to the Dundee Branch Office.

Applications stating experience and requirements should be made to:
Wm Lawson Clark, Branch Manager, Whitehall Chambers, Dundee.

Dundee Public Concerts

The Corporation Committee conducted under the auspices of Dundee Town Council were financially successful, a balance remaining in hand as the result of last season's operations. The committee recommended that the council should vote £200 to meet the expenses of concerts to be held in the parks at various public places during the summer months.

The Results at a Glance

International Football
The results at a glance..
Scotland (H) 3; Ireland 0 at Parkhead.

Stamp of Crete

Stamp Collectors were afforded a treat by Mr Tom Leighton in his paper on " The Stamps of Crete" read to the Dundee and District Philatelic Society. The lecture was both informative and interesting. Mr Leighton is one of the few who can boast of possessing a practically complete set of the issues from that country and the exhibition of his stamps was not the least interesting feature of an evening's entertainment, which was thoroughly appreciated.


The White Cat, keep yourself free for Wednesday first. This operetta will be performed in the Foresters' Hall.

Her Majesty's Theatre, Dundee

Monday 1st March
Six nights at 7.30 pm and Saturday matinee at 12.15 pm.
Welcome return visit of the leading legitimate comedian of the day..
Mr Edward Compton
In his repertoire of Old English Comedies
Box office open 10 am to 6 pm.