June 1980

Redundancies at Tay Textiles

WellgateTay Textiles Ltd., said there would be 270 redundancies soon at two of their works. Dura Works is to close and production will be centred on Hillbank. Out of 500 employed in the two factories 175 will lose their jobs. The other 95 redundancies will occur at Bower Mill.

The Skip at Balmossie

The skips provided by Dundee City Council's Cleansing Department in the Balmossie lay-by on the Dundee-Arbroath Road have proved too popular. So many people were using them for dumping their rubbish, that the police feel their vehicles were creating a traffic hazard. So, to prevent an accident, the skips are to be moved. Their new location will be alongside the Baldovie incineration plant, which lies between Whitfield and Douglas.

First Aid Awards

The pursuit of their Duke of Edinburgh bronze awards by a group of Craigie High School youngsters has seen them take the first aid trail.

The successful first aiders were:-
Alan Cairns, Ray Duff, Kendall McEwan, Raymond Bijster, Moira Alexander, Jacqueline McGovern, Tracy Ferguson and Carol McCormack.

Spilich Award

Pianist Alison McDonald, a pupil at Morgan Academy, won the Spilich Award for best musician among senior pupils in Dundee schools. The seven finalists, in the Music Centre, Bell Street, had to play two pieces, one from memory and the other by sight-reading the score.

Tomato au Gratin

Take 4 to 6 tomatoes, 2 oz grated cheese, pepper and salt. Scald tomatoes in boiling water and remove the skin. Leave while or cut in slices. Place in a fire-proof dish; season with salt and cover with the grated cheese. Put into a hot oven for about 10 mins till brown on top.

Flooding in the Centre of Dundee

Torrential rain, accompanied by thunder and lighting, caused extensive flooding in the centre of Dundee yesterday afternoon. Water poured down the Hilltown and into the Wellgate Centre where Tesco's had to close because it was coming through the ceiling. Shops in Murraygate and Reform Street were also affected. More rain fell in Dundee yesterday than in the whole of May. Until 6 pm 28.8 mm had fallen. The May total was only 20 mm.

Cracked Eggs

If egg shells are cracked and you want to boil them, use an oven bag to hold them in the water. Fasten the bag and cook the usual way.

Adam and the Ants

Monday's concert at the Caird Hall, Dundee, was another lively night for those of you with different musical tastes. Adam and the Ants provided the entertainment after a last-minute move from the Marryat Hall. The staging at the Marryat was only large enough to hold the groups two drum kits, never mind house the rest of the five-piece band. The front seating section of the Caird Hall was used - an arrangement that seems ideal for this sort of concert.

What's On - Cinema

Victoria - Death Game
ABC - American Gigolo / Gambling City / Going Steady
Regal - Escape from Alcatraz
Odeon - Kramer vs Kramer


Martin St James - The World's Leading Hypnotist as seen on the Parkinson Show
Seats £2.50, £2.25, £2.00 and £1.75
Summertime '80
Week One - Margaret Mather presents Junior Showtime
Week Two - Eleanor Leith with Dean and Dawn.