June 1935

Loom Weaving at School

Albert SquareAn interesting experiment is to be tried in Ann Street School. Instead of making the usual cardboard trinkets during their handwork lessons the boys in this primary school are to be taught during next session how to make scarves for themselves and articles for the home, like tablemats and stools.

Twenty-four small looms and two larger looms have been ordered for the purpose of weaving scarves. More large looms will be obtained once the boys have learned the principle of the work on the smaller looms. Their work at the beginning of the session will be on the small looms, on which they will make pochettes, kettle holder's etc.

They will eventually graduate to a larger loom, on which two to four boys will work. The boom will be small enough to stand on a desk.

The present plan is that the boys will buy their own wool, work out their own design, and during their handwork period make scarves, long and short, which will become their own property at the end of the session. The ages of the boy who will be taught this work range from 8 to 12 years.

A-Head of Fashion

"To Be Strictly Confidential"
Perms are a-head of fashion
Only the most approved systems are used.
MacDonald, Eugene and Nestle
Make an appointment now with Payne, whose summer permanent waving is a fine art.
Payne, 2b King Street, Dundee
Phone 3997.

Big New Shop in Wellgate

Plans for a new shop to be erected by the Great Universal Stores, Ltd., in Wellgate, Dundee have been lodged with the city engineer. The building which is one of three storeys, will take in from Nos. 53 to 61 Wellgate, but the main body of the building extends well back, and the side of it will stretch for 144 feet along Charles Street, to No.4.

Existing buildings will be demolished to allow of the erection of the new building. On its frontage large windows are situated on both sides of the entrance, and above, it will be constructed to give a pillared effect with long ornamental windows between. The display windows on the ground floor will be continued for a short distance round the corner into Charles Street. The sharp corner at present existing at the junction of Wellgate and Charles Street will also be removed to five a wide sweeping bend.

The ground and first floors will contain the counters, while on the second floor will be the stores.

Thrifty Tips for the Housewife

Grease Stains on Carpets - Did you know that turpentine is splendid for removing grease stains for carpets? Soak a cloth in it and rub over the stains till they disappear, changing to a fresh cloth when the first becomes soiled. Finish with a cloth wrung out in hot water and soap.

Reviving Umbrellas - Here is capital way of reviving an umbrella, which has begun to look shabby. Put a tablespoon of sugar into a basin and pour over it half a pint of boiling water. When the sugar has dissolved open the umbrella and, with a sponge dipped in the liquid, wash down the gores, starting at the ferrule and drawing the sponge down to the tips. Hang it, still open, on a line in the fresh air.

Dundee Man's Miniature Railway

Special to "People's Journal"
Mr Matthew Kerr, Balfield Farm, Dundee, is the owner of a miniature railway train capable of carrying 18 to 20 children. The engine is a splendid model of the real thing and weighs round seven cwt.

Mr Kerr has been a keen miniature engine "fan" for several years and he's cherished the ambition to possess a model capable of bearing human freight. Previously he had an excellent model railway, electrically driven, installed in a barn at Balfield.

The new engine was made in England by two miniature railway experts. Mr Kerr, however, has put in a great deal of work effecting improvements. The trucks or carriages have been made by joiners, but the 300 years of track laid out at Balfield is Mr Kerr's own work. Coal is used as fuel, and, indeed the model is complete in every detail. Mr Kerr took it down to the Tay Bridge Station, where it was thoroughly examined and admired by engine-drivers and mechanics. It was put along side one of the engines in the goods shed for comparison.

Since that visit engine-drivers, have been at Balfield every night this week. If the necessary arrangements can be made, the miniature railway may be in operation near the beach at Arbroath during the summer months.

Tannadice Signing

There is signing news from Tannadice Park; Manager Jimmy Brownlie has fixed David Skelligan, the stalwart half-back of Brechin City.

Skelligan was a strong man in every sense of the word at Brechin, and his signature should be a real acquisition at Tannadice. Skelligan gained a splendid name as a junior with Dundee North End, and he has fully maintained his reputation in the senior ranks.


Collected, sharpened, cleaned and delivered.
6D per inch
Jupp, 8 King Street, Dundee
Phone 2312

Carnoustie Beach Concert Hall

George White Entertainers
Starring Martin and Holbein
Tonight, At 6.40 and 8.40.
Opening ceremony by Lord Provost Ramsay at 6.30.
Prices 2s, 1s 6d.
Free car park.

Hold It Outside

Whatever the occasion, a Garden Party, Flower Show, or Reception, Hire a Marquee and Tents.  Keen prices for hiring or supplying. Special quotations to Guides, Scouts, Boys Brigade - S.W. Millar, Marine Parade, Dundee. Phone 5775.