June 1929

Girl's Dip

HowffChristina Smith (6), residing at 8 Grove Street, was standing with her mother at the Edinburgh slip at the harbour on Saturday when she overbalanced and fell into the water. She was immediately pulled out by Alfred Wilson (44), steel hardener, 5 Temple Lane, and after a hot bath at the Central Baths - what time her clothes were being dried - she was taken home none the worse.

Our Water Supply

There are prospects of a very dry summer, and already many places are suffering from shortage of water supply. It is quite on the cards that Dundee may be called upon to export water, and motor tanks may be requisitioned for the carrying of water to the dry areas.


M. Coyle, 423 Hawkhill, for all that is best in millinery, jumpers, hosiery and baby wear at special bargain prices.


Wanted young man (18-22 years of age) as under-keeper and kennelman; keeper's son with some experience of dogs preferred; wages 30s, suit of clothes & c. Send reference of experience & C., to No 335, Journal Office, Dundee.

Savings Certificates

The sale of savings certificates in Dundee during April was 13,956, compared with 19,282 in March.

To Keep the Hair Glossy

Warm one teaspoon of olive oil and rub well into the roots of hair every second night. This stops dandruff and the hair from falling out. It also gives it a healthy and glossy appearance.

Popular Trips

Now that real summer conditions are being enjoyed, trips across the water in the "Fifie" are finding great favour. The alluring sunshine on Sunday drew large numbers to the other side of the river, some of whom went farther afield by bus and otherwise. The glorious weather was reflected in the air of contentment about the crowds on the boat.

Refused to Walk

At the police court on Monday, David Guthrie (19), labourer, 120 Overgate, who was making his 9th appearance pleaded guilty to a charge of breach of the peace in Overgate on Saturday night, and resisting two constables, after his apprehension, by lying down and refusing to walk. He caused a great deal of trouble, and tripped up the constables, with the result that their uniforms were damaged. He was sent to prison for 20 days.

Do you know that

The Cholera Hospital, which stood almost on the site of Mathers' Hotel, played an important part in the history of Dundee?

About the end of the 16th century it was known as the "Windmill at the Shore", and in 1598 it was in use as one of the Town's Mills. About 40 years later, however; the mill was abandoned, as the burgh had acquired the mills of Pitkerro, Baldovan and Mains.

Three years later when a muster of arms was commanded by Parliament, the council ordered that the town's magazine of powder should be removed to the "Windmill at the Shore", and it was afterwards used as a depot for victuals and arms to supply the army, under the command of Lieutenant General Middleton. Until 1744 the building was known as the Town's Magazine, after which date the property was sold to Alexander Smith, clocksmith, for the sum of "226 merks therefor".

From a document of later date, it appears that Smith took down the old Windmill and on the site built a large tenement of three storeys. This was the building afterwards known as the Cholera Hospital.

The new building was then sold in flats to different proprietors, but in 1836, when the Town Council bought back the tenement, most of the property was in the hands of Thomas Neish, a maltman. In the same year and in 1831 cholera broke out in Dundee, but on these occasions its ravages were limited.

On 27th April of the next year the disease again made its appearance in the burgh. Over 800 citizens were afflicted, and fully 500 died. Subsequent to this date the tenement was let in small portions, and many of the carriers of the town lived there.

Ellen King's Hints to Beginners

Don't battle immediately after a heavy meal. Stop practice at the first sign of fatigue, and do not remain in the water if the body feels chilled or the limbs numbed. Speed swimming should not be attempted until the swimmer has thoroughly mastered the stroke, and is able to cover at least 200 yards at a slow pace without being distressed.