July 1930

Museum Aquarium

Albert InstituteThe Central Museum in Albert Square is attracting large crowds these days despite the warm weather.  The aquarium, of course, is one of the principal features, and it is just a pity that some of our public-spirited citizens do not see their way to present more tanks, for I am sure that Mr Webster, the genial curator, could easily find scope for developing this part of the Museum.

Forbes' for Holiday Music

Forbes' Portable Folding Organ, famous make, powerful tone, for camp, caravan or seaside mission, £7 10s.

The Greatest and Jolliest Entertainment Ever Seen

The Original - Broncho Bill's Circus
visiting (The Esplanade) Dundee for 4 days only
Two exhibitions daily, at 3 pm and 8 pm
Late Lockhart's elephants, The Dorric Troupe of Continental Acrobats, Broncho Bill's Group of Prairie Horses, Coe and his Famous Band, and 17 other big acts.
Admission (incl tax) Adults -  1s 3d, 2s 4d, 3s 6d, 4s 9d.  Children - 6d, 1s 2d, 1s 10d, 2s 4d.

Exciting Incident

The prompt action of an unknown man prevented an alarming accident in Nelson Street on Tuesday night.  A motor car had been parked at the top end of Nelson Street, at which there is a steep slope running into Victoria Road.  Suddenly the vehicle began to move backwards and gather speed.  It was at this point that a man jumped on to the running board and into the driver's seat.  He steered the car into George Street.  A crowd had gathered, and the accident caused no little excitement.

Difficult to Escape

The craze for collecting cigarette cards seems to be at one of its peak phases just now.  Boys seem to be struck with this passion en masse in that mysterious way in which crazes among boys originate.  "Any cigarette photos" is a fairly common request at any time, but at present it is difficult to escape it.

Fruit Pickers

Wanted for ensuing fruit season.  Apply, by letter, to Manager, Gothens Farm, Blairgowrie.

Dundee Harbour Incident - Labourer Struck by Barrel

William Kirkland (44), labourer, 177 Strathmartine Road, Dundee, was involved in a serious accident at Dundee Harbour yesterday.  He was working in the hold of the SS Perth, which was unloading empty barrels at Victoria Dock.  Four barrels were being hoisted, when one fell from the sling into the hold, a distance of about 30 feet hitting Kirkland on the head and shoulder. He was removed to the Royal Infirmary.

Staff Outing

The staff of William Hunter & Co. Ltd., Wellgate, and their friends held their annual drive on Wednesday.  They journeyed via the Devil's Elbow to Ballater, where tea was served.  The homeward journey was via Stonehaven and the coast road.  There were over 80 in the party, and the weather was ideal.

Stained Fingers

Nicotine-browned finger-tips are very unattractive.  Plunge them into half a cut lemon for 2 to 3 minutes and the stains will soon vanish, leaving the skin beautifully white.  Or you can use a little peroxide of hydrogen if you prefer.

Fell from Window into Courtyard

Child Overbalances
A 15 month old Dundee child, Alexander Dunsmuir, Rosebank Street was seriously injured through falling from a window of the house into the courtyard below.

The house is on the first floor, and a pane is missing from one of the lower windows.

The child wished to look out of the gap, and was lifted up by his sister.  Unfortunately, he overbalanced and fell from her arms.
When picked up, the child was seen to be badly hurt, and was conveyed with speed to Dundee Royal Infirmary where he was found to be suffering from a fractured skull.

Second Warmest Day of the Year

City Basks in Sunshine
Sweltering heat was experienced in Dundee on Wednesday.  The thermometer reached 75 degrees in the shade, which is the second highest temperature recorded this summer.  The hottest day of the year so far was 5th June, when 78 degrees were registered.

The sun shone for 9.4 hours on Wednesday. In the afternoon the heat became too intense for comfort, there being not the faintest suggestion of a breeze to relieve the humidity of the atmosphere.