July 1914

Many Recruits Coming Forward

The patriotic spirit is abroad and is spreading among all classes of the community. The appeal which has been made for recruits for the service has been very largely responded to, and many men have come forward during the last day or two prepared to defend King and Country.The numbers of the Territorials have been very largely added to, and on parade at the Drill Hall on Wednesday there was to be seen a big body of plain clothes men lined up. All of them had at one time or other seen service. They were not all young lads. Several were well into the prime of life, but one and all looked as if they could develop into splendid fighting material.

Those more adventurous have sought the recruiting depot of the Regular Army. All day the officers there have a steady stream of callers, and put many of Dundee's best young manhood through their hands. The office presents a very busy scene as man after man comes in to sign the statutory declaration. The present crisis has creating the biggest recruiting boom since the time of the Boer War.

To The Men of Scotland

Men are Wanted

Lord Kitchener, Secretary of State for War, to Editor, "People's Journal":-
"I appeal to the men of Scotland. Their King and Country need them. We require 100,000 men at once for service. Go to your nearest Post Office or Recruiting Station and answer your country's call".
God Save the King.

In response to an appeal from Lord Kitchener, the Editor of the "People's Journal" is issuing this call broadcast throughout Scotland, and he warmly commends it to the attention of the youth and manhood of the country".

Football to Go On

Despite the European war, I learned on good authority that the Football season will open on August 15. It is too much to expect that the game will escape the effects of the situation. "Gates" may not be so large, nor enthusiasm so pronounced as in past years, and many of our football favourites, will assuredly be answering the country's call. But the game will go on.

Drastic Action by Railways

Another indication of the acuteness of the crisis is the fact that three of the Scottish Railway Companies have given notice that, in consequence of the war, their ordinary passenger and goods train service will be subject to material alteration or discontinuance without further warning. This, no doubt, means that the military authorities will require all rolling stock and railway plant for the conveyance of troops and war material. This will at once disorganise all the ordinary transport service, including the movement of provisions, and will have a serious effect on trade generally.


There is No Need to Panic
Self-resistance and economy are in this hour of crisis a national duty.
Food prices are going up, but they can be kept in check if the people do not lose their heads.
You need not rush to buy huge supplies at panic prices.
As we have announced, the Government are going to insure cargoes of grain from Canada and America at 4 per cent.
Mr Runciman, Minister of Agriculture, has told us that there is Plenty of Food in the Country, and that the Government is taking steps to safeguard it.

"Blue Funk" in face of those facts would be childish folly.

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Strawberry Charlotte

Line a plain mould with finger biscuits. Dissolve one tablespoon of powdered gelatine into a small half pint of warm milk. Pass half a pound of good fresh strawberries through a hair sieve, or mash them with a silver fork; add to the fruit the stained juice of half a lemon and the dissolved gelatine and milk. When nearly set stir in one gill of whipped cream and pour into the prepared mould. Set in a cool place and turn out onto a pretty dish. Miss Graham, Largo.

Right Royal Day on Tayside

On Monday the King and Queen pay their visit to Scotland and on Friday they will come to Dundee and Perth.

The local arrangements for the visit are advancing. Already there are visible signs in the streets of the preliminary work of the decorations and other matters, and from now onwards to the promised day the central thoroughfares of the city will undergo a gradual change. Work is proceeding at pace in the Greenmarket, where the foundations of the new City Hall are to be laid.

The royal tour in Scotland will be marked by one incident of a very curious and unusual nature.

During their Majesties stay in Dundee a visit will be paid to the Ashton Jute Works, owned by Sir James k. Caird, Bart., and while there their Majesties will perform a ceremony of a sort which carries the mind back to ancient times.

Two very valuable precious stones - an emerald and a jade - have been secured by Sir James. The jewels will be placed on a table at the works, and the King and Queen will sit down at this table and "touch the stones".

In bygone days it was thought that the fingers of a Sovereign were endowed with miraculous influence; in fact, they were supposed to have the poser of healing diseases and of transforming at a touch a gold coin or a jewel into a certain bringer of health and good fortune.

That belief has, of course gone the way of most old superstitions. But the revival of the ceremony will arouse very great interest indeed.

Her Majesty has graciously expressed her willingness to accept the gift of the jade, while it is probable that the emerald will be handed over to the Central Museum as a memento of the Royal visit to Dundee.

It is intended that the jewels, table and chairs will be shown in the Central Museum from Friday this week till Monday, so that the citizens who care may have an opportunity to of seeing them.

Holiday Tips for Travellers

Read these and be happy:-
You should cut this article and just read it through now and then before leaving home and see if you have done and thought of all of all these little duties. It is no easy matter, as poor mother knows, to think of everything and for everybody, and these hints may save a little brain-fag.

Where to stay - Consider whether furnished lodgings, or boarding houses, or accommodation as paying guests will suit the requirements of the family. It depends largely on the age and number of children.

Let yourself go - Make up your mind to try and slacken off as much as ever you can during the holiday. If you are a busy women just laze as hard as possible.

How to leave the house - If your house is to be left empty, turn off the gas and meter at the mains last thing, and see that the windows and skylights are securely fastened. Also notify the police if leaving the house empty, and ask them to take particular notice of your house.