January 1955

One of the Oldest Men in the World is a Dundonian

Bank StreetMr David Stewart, aged 103, is a Dundonian, and he's one of the oldest men in the world. But he doesn't live in town. His home is in Auckland, New Zealand, where everyone knows the fabulous David Stewart of Symond Street.The amazing man is a bachelor, lives by himself, does his own shopping, cooking, cleaning and housework. He has been smoking since he was 10. He keeps one of the neatest little gardens in Auckland. He dances, plays the accordion and flute, will sing an old Scots song if he's asked. Since he left Dundee to go to sea at the age of 15 he hasn't been back. He spent three years as a sailor, then settled back in New Zealand.

He worked as a gardener, a butcher, a farmer, a factory job and a hotel odd-job man. It was at the hotel that David Stewart nearly fell in love for the first and last time in his life. He was friendly with another employee there for two years. "And then" he said recently, one night she said she thought it was time we got married. I went to bed and gave it the matter much thought. "Next morning I caught the early train out of town and I haven't seen her since"

On his 100th birthday there were messages from King George IV and the Governor General of New Zealand, Lord Freyberg. He had them framed and hung over his head. Does anyone know of an older Dundonian?

Big Surprise For Little Girl

Little Eileen Dargie (10), 175 Hawkhill, Dundee, found herself unexpectedly in the limelight last Saturday afternoon. She was visiting the Museum and Art Galleries with two wee friends when she was approached by a museum assistant, Mr W.R. Whitton. He asked her if she would undertake an important role.

After a little coaching Eileen - very self-assured and charming - stepped on to the platform in the biggest gallery. To a round of applause she presented with a curtsy Lady Provost (Mrs Hughes) to the opening of the exhibition, "The Story Of Oil."

Eileen did not go unrewarded for her star performance. She and her wee chums were taken by Mr J.D Boyd, curator, to his office, where they had a party with tea and cakes.

New Year Greetings

We extend sincere wishes for a
Happy New Year to all our friends at
Home and Abroad
PHIN'S LTD, 29 Nethergate, Dundee.

Son's Make History

President Tom Bruce made a generous contribution to Son's Day at Dundee Rotary Club. He brought along his three boys - first time in history of the club that a presidential family has appeared in triplicate. Two of the Bruce "Juniors" are in the family jute business. The third son is still at school.

Unlimited Future

Canada - Unlimited Future
For farmers and farm workers. Assured jobs and housing. Farms available at moderate prices with possible deferred purchase arrangement.
For further information contact - Department D.P Canadian National Railways, 9 Bothwell Street, Glasgow.

The Hogmanay Revels

Duncan's Dance Enterprises Ltd.
New Years Sessions
Empress Ballroom Dundee
Tonight - "The Hogmanay Revels"
Admission 5/-

Swan Colony at Broughty Ferry

Six new animals at Broughty Ferry Harbour have brought the swan colony up to twenty-two.

The Chestnut Man

Well it was a great Christmas. It looks like being a prosperous New Year. But for me one thing was missing - The Chestnut Man. The one I remember best kept his "fire cart" outside the Pitkerro Road gate of Baxter Park. It sold roast potatoes as well - a penny for the big ones and a maik for the others.

Tony's profits used to be cut by the cunning of boys from Morgan Academy. They would ask for a penny one, watch it being split open and its snow-white interior being sprinkled with salt. They would offer a ha' penny. Tony would argue that they'd asked for a "big spud". Sadly he'd look at the steaming crack in it's skin, then sell it for the ha'penny. Tony was part of the winter scene. It's a pity that modern pride and prosperity has no room for a chestnut man.


Your Holiday Fare
Dundee United v St. Johnstone
Aberdeen v Dundee

Dundee v Kilmarnock
Third Lanark v Dundee United


GAUMONT Telephone Dundee 2804
All Next Week - continuous 1pm
Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis
"The Three-Ring Circus" (U)
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