January 1937

Bringing in the New Year

Dundee brought in the New Year in characteristic fashion, and the crowd that assembled in the City Square on Hogmanay was larger than ever.

Stalls bearing gaily-decorated red herrings did a brisk trade in the High Street.  Entertainments met a demand in the earlier part of the evening. As the witching hour approached there was a stream of heavily laden parties to the centre of the town.

Carrying first-footing gifts into the church a larger number of people than usual attended a watchnight service held in St. Mary’s Parish Church. Mr J.H. Macintyre gave a short address.

In the city square, as the church bells rang out and the gun boomed, cheers and cries of good wishes made the city resound with hilarity. A few minutes later the crowd broke up into first-footing parties.

Annoyance was caused by bands of children and youths who launched squibs regardless of consequences, among the merrymakers.

With most businesses, shops and factories closed, the majority of Dundee people were on holiday yesterday. The houses of entertainment were crowded, and many football fans journeyed to Aberdeen to see the game with Dundee. The match at Tannadice between Dundee United and Greenock Morton was well attended. After the rain in the morning the weather brightened up.

Treat for Rockwell Pupils

The Vogue Cinema, Dundee, yesterday housed some 1400 pupils of Rockwell School on the occasion of the showing of three films in connection with the Overseas League.

Ex-Bailie William Reid presided, and gave a short address, as did Mr John G. Bridges, general secretary for Scotland of the League.

The films shown were “A Tour of South Africa”, “The Greatest Wildlife Sanctuary in the World” and “Air Post”.

Mr J. Chambers, manager, and the staff of the cinema, were thanked on the call of the chairman.

Immunity from Influenza

Guaranteed at Lloyds
3-day treatment
At Lindsay’s, 3, Castle Street, Dundee.

Herring Fishing in the Tay

The fleet of ring-net boats in the Tay is gradually increasing with the approach of the peak of the winter herring season, which is the latter weeks of this month.

New arrivals yesterday were two Pittenweem and four Girvan boats. It is significant that the great majority of the 27 ring-net yawls that are now in the Tay have come from the Firth of Forth herring fishing, so that Broughty Ferry can justly claim to be a budding rival to such long established herring ports as Newhaven and Anstruther.

“Peter Pan” at D.R.I.

Dinah Sheridan (Peter Pan) and Diana Sinclair Hill (Wendy), principals of the Daniel Mayer Company in Barrie’s “Peter Pan” at the Kings Theatre, Dundee, this week, visited the children’s wards of Dundee Royal Infirmary yesterday. They were in the costume of their roles and spent about an hour in the institution, over which they were conducted by Miss Nicol, the matron,

Oatmeal Soup

“Having brought up seven hefty sons, I have had to study the best and thriftiest ways of feeding them. This recipe is for my favourite soup” writes Mrs Barclay, Turriff. This is both nourishing and tasty on a cold day.

Use a quart of boiling stock, ¼ lb onion, 2 sticks celery, 1 carrot, 1 turnip, 1¼  oz butter, 2 oz Scotch oatmeal and 1 quart of milk.

Cut up onion, celery and turnip and cook in the butter for five minutes. Add the stock and salt and bring to the boil and skim. Add carrot and cook for half an hour. Sprinkle in the oatmeal and cook for one hour, stirring frequently. Run the soup through a sieve, add the milk, reheat and serve.


All roads lead to the Trick Shop.
Jokes, funny noses, fancy hats, party games, costumes (hire), fireworks, &c.
99 Nethergate, Dundee.

United Improvement

Lochee United continued their improvement by emerging from a keen tussle on Gussie Park against Clepington with honours even. It proved an exhilarating contest, full of clever football.

The outstanding player afield was Elder, Clepington’s left-back, who returned to his former position on account of Brown being away assisting Forfar Athletic. Willie Hill gave another inspiring showing, and it was a fitting climax that the equaliser should fall to his boot.

Donald McLeod, the former North End forward, is still more that a useful member, despite his long service in the game. Hector Duncan and Robertson, although smart in the outfield, were not in their usual deadly mood in the goal area.

Lochee fielded a promising right-wing in Smart (Parkview) and Anderson (Westfield). George Golden still justifies the title of the city’s best left-winger. Barnie and Kinnes were splendid wing half-backs, but pivot Robertson did not produce his form of the early weeks of the season, when he attracted senior clubs.

Trade Booming

Trade is certainly being done in a big way at the harbour these days. This month about 14 jute liners are due to arrive at the port with well over 200,000 bales of jute.
The largest cargo of the lot is that of the Benalder – some 30,000 bales – which beats the previous largest cargo during the season by 500 bales. Oil-cake is being brought to the port in large quantities, two cargoes of about 2000 tons each being afloat with a prospect of others in the offing, while about 5000 tons of flax are being imported by half a dozen steamers – four Russian, one Estonian and one British.

What’s On at Dundee Cinemas & Theatres Next Week

Broadway – All week – Premier Productions present “O-Kay for Laughs” with London star cast, including Jean Kennedy, The Royal Four, Bernard Verrey, &c. Phone 3292.

Kinnaird – All Week – Freddy Bartholemew and Dolores Costello Barrymore in “Little Lord Faunteroy” (U); also “Perfect Set Up” (A), and a coloured musical.

Playhouse – All Week – Donald Woods and Kay Linaker in “Injustice” (A); Ralph Lynn and Judy Gunn in “In the Soup” (U); coloured cartoon, “The Novelty Shop.”