January 1914

Typhoid Fever Claims First Victim in Broughty Ferry

It has been officially announced that the outbreak of typhoid fever at Broughty Ferry is in no way caused by the much-maligned drains. The outbreak is said to be due to infected milk.

The outbreak of typhoid fever at Broughty Ferry claimed its first victim on Sunday, when the death took place of Constance Mary Flight (14) daughter of Sergeant Flight, of the Broughty Police. Miss Flight was one of the earliest to be attacked by the disease.

Dull Year for Recruiting in Dundee

The past year has been a poor one for recruiting in Dundee. Young men have shown a reluctance to come forward and accept the King’s shilling, and the figures when compared with the previous year show a marked decrease.

During the last recruiting year 182 men enlisted for the line regiments and 119 for the Special Reserves, as against 276 for the line and 153 for the Special Reserves the previous year.

Many causes are put forward to account for this pronounced falling off, the chief of which is the good trade which has experienced. The area from which recruits are drawn to the Dundee recruiting office is limited to the city boundaries, and the recruits are therefore almost entirely of the artisan and mill-working class. A spell of good or bad trade is consequently immediately felt by the recruiting officers. A trade boom with plenty of employment always has an adverse effect on recruiting, while a spell of bad trade usually induces a considerable number of eligible young men to seek out the recruiting officers.

Another contributory cause is the large amount of emigration which has taken to over the seas scores of young men who would have made efficient soldiers.

The decrease in the numbers entering the army has been felt all over the country, and many suggestions have been made for making the army more popular and inducing more young men to join the colours. The latest move in this direction is announced from a semi official source. According to it a blue uniform coat for “walking out” purposes is to be issued shortly to all ranks. The idea below this is one of advertising the services by keeping them constantly before the people. It has been found that the great extension of plain clothes privileges for pass and furlough in recent years has diminished one of the army’s foremost recruiting assets, namely, the presence of smartly-uniformed men in public thoroughfares.

Dundee’s Latest Pivot

By Unomi
For some time past is has been patent that the centre-forward position was the weakest place in the team. Directors and everybody recognise this, and strenuous efforts are to be made to get a good reliable pivot. I hear from a good source that there is every probability of a young Fife lad being tried soon – perhaps this week. He is Fisher, of “Crossgates Thistle”. In junior circles in the “Kingdom” he has quickly made a reputation for himself, and is recognised by a good few talent-spotters as a “coming man”. Dundee is the most likely club to sign him, however, so don’t be surprised if he turns out in a blue jersey soon.


Canada Wants You!
Canada know what she owes to her pioneers, and she pays them well. She encourages every capable man to become an independent farmer, by offering him 160 fertile acres free.

For free maps, pamphlets and full official information, apply to the Canadian Government, Emigration Agent, 116, Union Street, Aberdeen.

Dundee Steamer Sold

A well-known Dundee Steamer, the Den of Mains, has changed hand her purchasers being the Nautillus Shipping Co., Sunderland, who intend changing her name to Maple Branch. She will shortly reach the Clyde to load for South America ports on a Gulf Line charter.

The Den of Mains was one of a fleet of half a dozen steamers owned by Messrs Charles Barrie & Son, 49, Meadowside, Dundee, was build and engined by Messrs Gourlay Bros & Co., and is 4338 tons gross, 2874 net, steams 12 knots an hour and has accommodation for a number of first class passengers.

Kinnaird Hall

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Some January Specials

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Compliment to Organist

The choir of Union U.F. Church had a social the other evening in honour of their organist, Miss Smart, who is leaving to take up a similar position in Aylth. Rev. T. Best, in presenting Miss Smart, with a handsome handbag, card-case, umbrella and music case, said that under Miss Smart’s leadership the choir had attained a high standard.

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