January 1909

New Dundee School

Tally StreetDens Road School to be erected by Dundee School Board in place of St Salvador's Episcopal School, which is to be closed, is to cost about £14,500. The works committee on Tuesday agreed to recommend the acceptance of offers from Tradesmen amounting in the aggregate to £12,500 and the cost of furnishing with architects fees etc, will amount to £2000. It should be stated that the first estimate was £19,000, but there has been a good deal of cutting down, with the result indicated.

Dick Whittington

At the Gaiety Theatre "Dick Whittington" pursues his merry way with joyous satellites like himself, brightly dressed and tuneful. In its course the pantomime improves. It has its regular habitues. For their benefit new songs and humour have been introduced. Miss Gertie Douglas as Dick and Miss Hetty Lind as principal girl make capital appearances, and the latter in the popular "Garden" song achieving a distinct success. Mr Sam Thomson the leading comedian, is excruciatingly funny, and Mr Harry Loftus as Captain Bailey, of the good ship Unicorn, never fails to fetch the horse with his song "onions". Exceedingly graceful and a capital piece of panto business is Miss Osceola Martinek's appearance in an Indian dance. A feature of the production is the dramatic singing of Mr Michael Kemble.

Old and New Dundee

The Blackness Branch Free Library was crowded on Thursday on the occasion of a lecture on “Old and New Dundee” delivered by Mr A.H. Millar, the Chief Librarian. It was one of the series of lectures organised by the Free Library Committee, the object of the course being, as ex-Lord Provost Hunter, who presided explained, to provide instruction on literature, science, and art so as to fulfil the object to which the libraries existed. Mr Millar showed over one hundred views of Dundee, dating from 1672 to present day and explained the evolution of the modern city from the burgh of an older period. The audience showed their high appreciation of the lecture by close attention as it progressed, and by the hearty vote of thanks awarded to Mr Millar when he had concluded.

Catholic Year Book

Local Catholics will find much to interest them in the Dundee and District Catholic Yearbook, which has just been issued by Mr M.T. Hannigan, Dundee "Catholic Herald" Office. The volume which costs twopence, contains a carefully compiled retrospect of events connected with Catholicism in Dundee and numerous photos of prominent local Catholics, besides a host of other illustrations. A feature is the complete list of all the Societies and Organisations under Catholic and Irish auspices in the diocese of Dunkeld.

American Roller Skating Rink

Melrose Terrace, Dundee
High-class roller skating
Three sessions daily - 10.30 a.m. to 12.30 p.m., 2 to 5 and 7 to 10.
Military band, private garage, afternoon teas.
This week every afternoon at 4 and evening at 9 Professor E.S. Monohan, American's
most graceful skater gives exhibitions of trick and fancy skating.
If you would be graceful, learn to skate.

Corporation Concerts

Drill Hall
30th Jan., Saturday afternoon at 3.0 p.m.
The Kirkaldy Trades Band
A collection will be taken for Relief and Distress Fund.

Gilfillan Hall

This afternoon at 3.
To-night at 8.
The Famous
Besses O' Th' Barn Band
Finest band in the world.
Two concerts daily, change of programme at each performance.
Tickets 2s,1s and 6d at Paterson's Reform Street, Dundee and at hall door.


Starcher wanted. Apply Maryfield Laundry, Mains Loan, Dundee.