January 1904

On the Hunt for a Library Site

Mars Training ShipsThe Carnegie Scheme for Dundee
The Free Library Committee are still undecided in the matter of a site for the central reading room which forms part of the scheme under the Carnegie gift. In addition to the proposal to acquire the Gaelic Church, the Committee have cast their eyes around Albert Square, but though various suggestions have been made, the majority of the members have "no settled convictions" on the subject of their quest.The latest scheme is to acquire the property on the east side of Albert Square, concerning which it was proposed some time ago to institute a some-what ambitious project for constructing an arcade. The price spoken of is £10,000. The old Catholic Apostolic Church behind the Royal Exchange now used as a jute sample warehouse, has been suggested as likely to suit requirements, but as regards this and the other proposal objections have been raised on various points. It is anticipated that at an early meeting of the Council a statement will be made regarding the whole situation.

A Turkey's Dash for Liberty

On Wednesday a fine plump turkey, which had survived Christmas, but had yet to run the gauntlet of New Year, escaped from a poulterer's shop in Union Street, and using its wings found a temporary resting-place on the roof of St Mary's Church. The unusual spectacle of a live turkey at large in the centre of the city soon attracted a crowd. For a time the bird was safe, as there was little chance of it allowing itself to be caught, even although any one put himself to the trouble of going after it on the roof of the church. But as it showed no inclination to leave its perch, a ladder was secured, and a young man mounted to the roof of the building. The turkey was not foolish enough to await his coming, but again took to the air and eluded its pursuer.

Unfortunately, instead of striking another elevation, it dropped into Mid Kirk Style, where it was seized and carried back in triumph to the shop. There effective steps were taken to prevent a repetition of its escapade.


Men (2) wanted on Monday to pull turnips
Weather permitting
Apply Balmuir, Tealing.

A Year's Births and Deaths - Dundee's Record for 1903

During the year just closed there have been 3,660 deaths in the city, while the births numbered 4,092, the difference in favour of the latter being 432. According to the registration districts they were distributed as follows:-

St Peter's - 817
St Mary's - 975
St Andrew's - 1092
St Clement's - 785
Lochee - 423

St Peter's - 431
St Mary's - 755
St Andrew's - 1806
St Clement's - 443
Lochee - 225

Hogmanay Marriages

The dull trade and the engineer's strike have had little effect on the matrimonial market this year. The hope that springs eternal in the human breast has encouraged as many young couples as ever to start the New Year in a new capacity. Altogether 161 marriages were fixed to take place yesterday and to-day. They were distributed amongst the registration districts as follows:-

St Peter's - 28
St Mary's - 33
St Clement's - 18
St Andrew's - 53
Lochee - 29

Death of a Notorious Dundee Police Court Habitue

The death has taken place of Jane Brown or McLeod, who was well known to the Dundee police, she having in her time made no fewer than 121 appearances before the Court.

She was 63 years of age, a native of Perth, and for many years lived in Lochee and Dundee. Falling into crime before she was quite 30 years of age, her course thereafter was downwards, and so violent a character did she develop that she became notorious, and on charges of disorderly conduct, drunkenness, assaults & c., established the unenviable record mentioned. Her last appearance was no later than 23rd November, 1903, when she was sentenced to 10 days' imprisonment. She was gifted with somewhat remarkable powers of memory. Of late she appeared to have been in declining health, physically and mentally but the end came rather suddenly.

A Sailor and his Mother

After an absence of about 15 years, during which he has visited nearly every part of the world, James Flood, a Dundee sailor, returned to the city a few weeks ago. He got a kindly welcome from his mother, but as the Christmas season drew nigh both James and his mother became festive in their own particular way, and as the result of over-indulgence in liquor a sadly discordant note was introduced, into the harmony. James, himself intoxicated, got angry because his mother was under the influence of liquor, and struck her. Next day the pair continued the spree, and Mrs Flood was again subjected to violence by her son.

The police had to interfere, and at Monday's Police Court the son was fined £2, with the alternative of a month's imprisonment.

Exciting Hare Chase in Maryfield

An exciting and rather unusual hunt took place on Tuesday in the Maryfield district of Dundee after a large hare. The animal, it appears, had been lodging in the grounds of the Maryfield Railway Station for some time, and the workmen had on several occasions endeavoured to catch it, but without success. A hunt was organised on Tuesday, with bad results both to promoters and hare. The animal was chased around the grounds for a long time, but latterly it got out at the gate, and made its way down Mains Loan. Here the hunted rodent darted into a hedge, where it was unable to get through, and a fish-dealer who was passing promptly caught it. He gave it the coup de grace, and to-day there will be hare soup where it was not expected. The animal weighed 9 lbs.

Forthcoming Yawl Race at Dundee

Arrangements have been completed for the holding of a handicap race in which the yawls engaged in the bag net fishing in the Tay will take part. A local merchant has generously promised to furnish suitable prizes, the first being a cup together with a sum of money. The event will take place at the end of the fishing next month, and already the men are contemplating such preparations as the cleaning of hulls and repairing of sails. The course will be triangular, and the race will be sailed as near as may be under yachting conditions.

Dog and Cat Show To-Day

Gymnasium, Ward Road, Dundee
Largest exhibition of sporting dogs, bull dogs and terriers ever held in Dundee.
Admission 10 am to 5.30 pm, 6d. Closes 5.30 pm prompt to-day.