February 1936

Development of Electricity

Courier Dundee Showrooms Opened
Dundee's Corporation electricity showrooms have now been opened. Convener William Ames, who presided, referred to the progress made in the domestic uses of electricity in recent years at the formal opening of the showrooms in Commercial Street.Convener William Ames said they were beginning a new era in the development of electricity in Dundee. Since the beginning of the century the department has grown by leaps and bounds. It had multiplied itself 60 times in the number of units sold and 20 times in the revenue. In 1901 the average cost per unit was 3d. Today it's just over a penny.

Mrs Ames declared the showrooms open. Mr Bishop, the general manager of the department handed over a small electrical lamp to Mrs Ames.

The Lady Provost and Lord Provost Phin proposed votes of thanks, and Mr Hood, area officer of the British Electrical Development Association also spoke.

The company were subsequently entertained to tea in the Cafe Val d'Or.

Cleaning Broughty Sands

The cleaning of the sands at Broughty Ferry is to be discussed by the Parks Committee of Dundee Town Council on Monday night Mr Alex. Macrae, the parks superintendent, in a report issued to the members says he had made inquiries at Torquay and Margate regarding a machine for collecting broken glass out of the sand, but there was no such machine in use there. He had inquired of implement makers of every description, and they had no knowledge of a machine of the kind in use at any of the seaside resorts.

In his opinion the best and simplest method of cleaning the sands would be to purchase a hay rake, which would be used every morning. If it were fitted with a strong wire netting of a fairly fine mesh in front of the teeth, this would help considerably to keep the sands clean. Using this machine every morning during the summer months would mean to the department and expenditure of about £100.

Greyhound Racing

Quality That Endures!
Greyhound racing
Dens Park
To-night 7.45 (under N.G.R.C. Rules).

Let's Tune In

Home isn't the same with out an up-to-date radio.
The 1936 sets are as different from the models of a few years ago as is chalk from cheese.
A 1936 Radio P-I-C-K-S O-U-T all the stations with razor-sharpness.
We have the best radios.
Come and hear them.
J.D. Brown
Radio Experts
28 Castle Street

King's Theatre, Dundee

A Gaumont British Theatre)
Monday 17th February
All Week
Continuous from 2 p.m.
Saturday 1.30 p.m.
Grace Moore
in her new picture
"On Wings of Song" (U.)
With all the glory of her god-given voice...the star of "One Night of Love" brings you new hours of thrilling entertainment.

Film of King's Reign

Lord Provost Phin, Dundee, has accepted on behalf of the Town Council a cinematic record of the life of King George V, and arrangements are being made by Gaumont-British distributors for official presentation in the first week of March. This film will be placed in a hermetically-sealed container to ensure that it will remain in a state of perfect preservation. The container will be accompanied by a scroll, and the offer of the film has been accepted by Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee and Perth.

Summers Wins Well

Mickey Summers, Dundee, proved the more experienced boxer in his 12 rounds contest with Jack Middleton, Greenwich, at Plumstead Baths, Kent and was an easy winner on points. Summers varied his methods, and Middleton, although energetic enough, never settled to a sustain plan. There was a hectic passage in the sixth round, and the referee threatened to have one of Summers' seconds removed from the corner following conversation of which the official disapproved.

Big Bill for Dundee Road Repairs

The recent prolonged spell of keen frost experienced in Dundee is going to prove costly for business to the municipality. The ratepayers will have to foot a big bill for road repairs as a result of the frosty weather.

Damage by frost to carriageways and footpaths has been widespread. The havoc is mainly confined to macadamised roads and tarmac footpaths.

A day or two of ordinary frost weather would have little or now effect on the roads, but keen frost spread over a lengthy period gradually finds its way through the asphalt surface down to the foundations. The road surface expands with "lift" and when the cold weather eases off it falls back to its original level. If it fell back uniformly all would be well, but it returns to normal in patches. The result is surface fissures appear in the road surface, which heavy traffic quickly transform in to deep ruts.

The expenditure involved in repairing the damage has not been included in the estimates. Excessive frost of the type recently experience has been unknown for a good many years. A supplementary vote is expected to be necessary to cover the extraordinary expenditure.

Frost may be alright for skaters, but for municipalities with miles of roads to look after it is a costly business.