December 1934

Big Jute Cargoes

Baxter Park TerraceThe seventeen jute shipments which are due to be landed at Dundee Harbour during December show a good average so far as size is concerned. Only three of them are below 3000 bales, and there is one shipment of nearly 21,000 bales. The biggest load landed so far this winter was the 15,000 bale cargo which arrived in October by the liner Nirpura. Apart from a 21,000-bale load the December load imports will include one shipment of over 19,000 bales and two over 15,000.

For the Dockers this should mean two or three days' work on a ship instead of only one day, as is the case with small loads of two or three thousand bales.

The Christmas Express

Send Your Christmas Parcels
Per Ritchie's Express
Parcels collected and delivered to any destination in the United Kingdom and Abroad, or delivered to your nearest port of landing. We provide one all-in service.
Agents all over the world, advice gladly given.
Ritchie's Express Coy, 33, Exchange Street, Dundee.

Special Weekend Offer

Steak Pies, 1/-, ¼, and 2/-.
2lb sausages for 9d.
Stewing steak, 10d lb.
It pays to shop at Hume's, 80, Overgate, Dundee.

Jute Wages Rise Refuses

After six hours' deliberation yesterday the Jute Trade Board of Great Britain, which sat in Dundee under the chairmanship of Sir James Leishman, turned down an application by the operatives for a 10 per cent increase in wages. About 37,000 operatives in the district are affected by the decision, one which was also make when a similar application was heard in January last. As before, it was opposed yesterday by the employers.

A motion to set up a status for under-tentors - but involving no question of wages - was postponed.

Celebration in Dundee Cathedral

In honour of the Feast of St Andrew High Mass was celebrated in the St Andrew's Cathedral, Dundee, yesterday by Bishop Toner. Father Randall was deacon and Father Foylan sub-deacon and Father Nally master of ceremonies. Provost Turner was deacon at the throne, and attendant on his lordship was Canons McCurrach and Russel. After the Gospel, a sermon was preached by Father Randall, in which he exhorted his hearers to emulate in some small way the example of St Andrew as apostle or martyr. The choir under the baton of Father McNeill, rendered appropriate music.

Tivoli, Bonnybank Road

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Sally Blane in "Stolen Sweets" (A)
Thursday - Robert Montgomery in "The Mystery of Mr X" (A)

Total Cost of City Square

It will be six or seven months before the ratepayers of Dundee know exactly what their City Square has cost them. Exactly a year ago on Thursday the City Square was officially opened by the Duke of Kent, then Prince George.

After sanction had been given to the city engineer to spend £200 in investigating leakages of water into the City Square underground area, Mr D. R. Kidd asked when the members of the Corporation were going to report on the total cost of the Square, "I have asked for this five or six times now", and he added, "you always put me off".

Treasurer Phin - The final measurements will not be completed for six or seven months yet.

Mr Kidd - Extraordinary.

Treasurer Phin - Not at all. The usual time for the measurement of a job as big as the City Square is about 18 months.