December 1908

D.M. Brown's New Arcade - Opening of City's Latest Wonder

D.M. BrownsD.M. Brown's new arcade is open at last. The period of suspense is over, and the full revelation has been made. For the past few weeks a large part of Dundee - the whole female part at least - has been trying to guess what it would be like, and conjuring up scenes of decorative grandeur, suggested perhaps by the magnificent Arabian Nights.The reality may not correspond to any of the dreams, but it is certainly fine and curiosity satisfied, every one seems delighted. The ladies of the city and suburbs were early astir on Thursday morning. They do not usually find it convenient to grace the High Street with their presence at the early hour of eleven o'clock. Domestic duties are the absorbing matter at that time. But Thursday was a special day. They came in crowds - the ladies did. The streams of excited persons flowed from all directions towards the one goal - 80 High Street. Fortunately it was a nice morning and the ladies took advantage of the opportunity to come out in all their glory. The display of millinery and other "confections" was nearly - but not quite - as grand as that inside. As eleven o'clock approached the street in front of the shop became almost impassable for ordinary traffic. Cars, carts, lorries and carriages had to plough their way slowly through the surging mass with the assistance of a few stalwart policemen, who did their best to deep every one out of harm's way. There was sufficient people there to fill 50 arcades, and a few over and every one seemed to be anxious to get in first in case the freshness might be taken off the display with much prior gazing.

Promptly at eleven o'clock the shutters went up. The "bow" of ribbon stretched across the entrance was untied by Mr Brown's two little daughters - Isabella and Annie - and at once the crowd surged in. The Theatre Orchestra, conducted by Mr Loseby, accommodated the centre case, struck up The National Anthem and the 'Bonnets O Bonnie Dundee' and in a moment the whole place was filled. Of course it was impossible to take it all in at the first gaze. It was a crush though, and before the astonished visitors could realise it they were in the street again at the exit. For the best part of an hour the living currant flowed through the place and it was long before it subsided to what may be regarded as normal proportions. Some contented themselves with a rapid glance, resolving to return at a more convenient season, while some lingered long, admiring the wonders that were displayed. "Oh how nice", "Beautiful!" were the mildest of the expressions of the crowd, and a little barefooted girl, who had managed to edge her way in, after gazing with eyes and mouth wide open could only exclaim "It's Bonnie". Mr Brown was the recipient of hearty congratulations from his many friends, and he also received letters and telegrams from friends at a distance wishing his new venture every success.

Christmas Presents

We invite you to call and see our splendid show of xmas presents displayed in out saloon for variety novelty, good taste and best value it is unequalled.
Kidd and Wallace, 77 High Street, Dundee

Pantomime at Gaiety

The second and concluding week of pantomime at the Gaiety inaugurated on Monday night and drew large houses. "Robinson Crusoe" is as sprightly as ever. The one draw back is that his stay in Dundee is all too short. New business is introduced and with repetition the piece goes with increased smoothness. The title role as filled by Miss Amy Randolph is one that stamps the performance with distinction. Miss May Carter as Polly Perkins plays up to it well. The comedy part of the show is strong. The pantomime includes vocal effort the expression of which should be ear-haunting for many weeks to come. The dressing is of the best and the stage effects are arranged with skill and artistic taste. Further, the orchestral parts, under the direction of Mr Robert Beaumont, contribute not a little to the success of what is a very noteworthy production.

Mr Carnegie Sends Cheque to Dundee Libraries

The Free Libraries Committee have received a cheque from Mr Andrew Carnegie for £3000, another instalment of the original £37,000 promised towards the errection of branch libraries and reading-room. This was announced at a meeting of the committee on Thursday. Ex-Lord Provost Hunter, who presided, referred to the death of Mr George Wood, and mentioned that the last public duty the deceased gentlemen performed was to attend a meeting of the committee. Mr J.K. Foggie announced that arrangements had been made for the opening of the loan exhibition of pictures in the Art Galleries next week and that the opening ceremony was to be performed by Sheriff Campbell Smith. The display promised to be very interesting, and would be the first of its kind open to the public free of charge.

Grand Evening Concert

In aid of unemployed
St Margaret's (old) Brass Band and selected talented artistes.
Gilfillan Hall, tonight
Doors open at 7 p.m; concert 7.45.

A Puzzling Question

How can a man with a small salary get married? The answer is easy - he can't. Don't you see that to be a success you must have the complete Technical Training - real up-to-date, money earning knowledge. Write to Mr L., International Correspondence Schools, 84, Commercial Street, Dundee.

Carr's China for Christmastide

Carr's windows at the corner of Tay Street and Nethergate are generally worth more than a passing glance, and just now they and the shop within are even more than usually attractive. Consider the doll's China - dozens of dainty little sets beginning at 41/2 d in price! Look at the butter plates- quite 70 varieties, some of them only a penny each.
Whether you wish to spend pence or pounds - Carr's windows will interest you.