December 1904

New Dundee Pleasure Steamer

Building of the Caird HallThe new Dundee pleasure steamer 'Advance' arrived in the Tidal Harbour from Montrose on Tuesday. The 'Advance' which presents a very smart appearance, has been built by Montrose Shipbuilding Company for Mr James Tares, the owner of the 'Bonnie Dundee' and it is to take the place of this steamer in the pleasure sailing on the Tay. The 'Advance' was towed to Dundee by Montrose tug 'Rapid', and is berthed in the King William Dock.

MacKay & Robbie

Dog and cat meat, boiled horse flesh, 2d per lb or 7lbs for a shilling.
MacKay & Robbie, 48, Dock Street, Dundee.

Dundee High School Literary Society

Dundee High School Literary Society met in the school on Saturday evening. An essay was read by Mr Charles Mackie on "Dickens". Mr Mackie dealt with his subject in a masterly manner, embellishing an excellent paper with readings grave and gay. The paper was ably and appreciatively criticised by Mr Robert Livingston who had previouly done invaluable service to the Society.

Domestic Economy Classes

The attendance at the Domestic Economy Classes. It was reported at the meeting of the Domestic Economy Committee of the School Board that in consequence of the large increase in the number of pupils this session for instruction in Domestic Economy it had been found necessary to appoint an additional teacher.

St Mary Magdalene's Hall

For a happy Saturday evening come to St Mary Magdalene's Hall. This evenings programme will be sustained by Mrs R.L Ireland, Soprano; Miss Carrie Reid; Mr Fred Bruce, Baritone; Mr James Willison, Tenor; Miss Kate Lumsden, Accompanist and Mr W. Stewart Sandemen, Humorist and Impersona.
Doors Open 7.15 pm, to commence at 7.45 pm.
Popular Prices 2d, 3d, and 6d.

Murroes Soup Kitchen

The public school soup kitchen opened on Monday with an attendance of 115. With the assistance of the farmers' donations of potatoes, gifts from other gentlemen interested in the scheme and the proceeds of the concerts, the kitchen goes on briskly and intends to improve the attendance during the winter months.

W. Dow's Fruit Sale

On Thursday, December 15th at 11am in the Craig Street Fruit Market, there will be sold by public auction:-
150 barrels Canadian & American Apples
140 barrells Almeria Grapes
60 cases Jaffa and Valencia Oranges
2,000 Coconuts
50 bags Brown Onions
50 bags Carrots

Special Christmas Tour

Four Week duration
Lisbon, Tenerife and Grand Canary
By the splendid new steamer 'Ardeola' from Liverpool on 21st December
Return Fare £10.10s inclusive of superior cusine

For full particulars and a plan write to:-
Scottish Colonial Shipping Agency Ltd, 12, Renfield Street, Glasgow.

A Daughter's Face

An old woman who resides in an old cottage in the Portlethen district of Aberdeenshire, was seated by the fire one cold December night, distinctly saw the pale face of her daughter pressed against the window pane. So certain was the widow that she actually rose to let her in but the spectre had vanished.
A week later she received a letter from Canada stating that her daughter, who resided there, was dead. Strange to say the date and time corresponded exactly with the time she saw the pale face at the window.

The Gramophone

The Gramophone should be in every Scottish home.

The gramophone is a suitable Christmas present for old and young alike.
Please contact for full particulars:-
Paterson & Sons and Co., 38 Reform Street, Dundee
Larg & Son, 24 Whitehall Street, Dundee
G. Low, 36-7 Greenmarket, Dundee.