August 1930

Change of Name

DownfieldOut Downfield way, there used to be a place called Meric Muir.  I do not know the origin of the name Meric, but Meric it was, and the name was a household word throughout Coldside.  Now the road at the Muir is named Americanmuir Road.  Who is responsible for changing the name Meric to American?

Seal in Dock

A seal of considerable size found its way into King William Dock at the harbour, and on Thursday morning was discovered basking in the sunshine to the east end of the dock.  During the forenoon, however, the seal kept well under cover, and although many gazed over the stretch of water they were not rewarded.

Joins Famous Band

Dancing enthusiasts in the city will be interested to hear of the latest distinction gained by Geoff Howard, who had charge of the band at the "new" Palais de Danse two or three years ago.  He has now joined Jack Hylton's famous band as a violinist in the profession.   During his stay in the city Geoff Howard was a very popular dance band leader.

Are You Aware That...

The open spaces between houses of the principal streets in Dundee in the 16th century were usually laid out as gardens.

In these gardens herbs, flowers & c. were cultivated for their owners use.  In many instances bees were kept, so that the burgher of these days was able to enjoy in his house some of the amenities and charms of rural life.

The inhabitants of the old burgh were exceedingly fond of their gardens, and took great pains in the cultivating of them.  The magistrates, too, were ready to protect the flowers and herbs from injury.

Send-off to Dundee Bride

"The Bridal Party"
Miss Mary Henderson, a bride-to-be, in the employment of J.A. & D. Grimmond, Maxwelltown Works, received a rousing send-off from her fellow employees on Thursday night.

On behalf of the workers, Miss Joyce Ross presented Miss Henderson with a number of household utensils as a wedding gift.

Christmas Chocolate Club

Spare time agents wanted.  Excellent commission.  Catalogue free.  Houston, 24 Albert Street, Dundee.

School Bags and School Cases

In another week's time the schools will be reopening.  If a school bag or case is required, you will find our stock large but moderately priced.

School bags from 6d to 2/6.
Attache cases suitable for school use from 11½d.
W.T. Martin, 199 Princes Street, 68 Wellgate and 87 High Street, Lochee.
Amid much confetti and cheering, the bridal party, including a "minister" and a number of "pages" drove away in a charabanc.

Onion Boys Arrive in Dundee

Full Cargo
A party of over a dozen onion boys from Roscoff, in Brittany, was landed at Dundee Harbour on Wednesday morning by the steamer Isabella.

The Isabella, which had a full cargo of onions in her holds, berthed at King George Wharf about ten o'clock.  She later moved into King William Dock to discharge.

Her cargo will be warehoused and sold off during the forthcoming months.

Too Greedy

While fishing on the upper reaches of the River Isla on Saturday evening, a Dundee angler, Mr Walter Morrison, had the unusual experience of catching two trout on one hook simultaneously.  One fish was inside the other.  The bigger trout, 8 oz in weight, had tried to swallow the smaller one, which was half its size, and had just failed to do so, the tail projecting from its mouth.

The effort of opening its mouth to bite the worm and, consequently, the hook must have been an extreme one on the part of the cannibal trout.