August 1917

Dundee Election

Mr Winston Churchill, Minister of Munitions, has been returned as M.P. for Dundee by a sweeping majority, which sets at rest all doubts as to the unity of the people in regard to the prosecution of the war to a successful issue.Mr Churchill was opposed by Mr Edwin Scrymgeour, the Prohibition candidate, who had already unsuccessfully contested the seat on no fewer than three occasions. The Minister for Munitions polled 7302 votes on this occasion against Mr Scrymgeour’s 2036, being a majority of 5266.

The election was fought on the 1914-15 voters roll, and Mr Churchill conducted only a very limited campaign.

Today is Infirmary Flag Day

Has there ever been a time in the history of this world when Infirmaries and Hospitals have been more needed? In the days before the war, these gay, glad days, when pain and suffering were the exception, men and women looked with an abstract eye at the great buildings wherein the sick and ill were housed and helped, but of the extent of the work done within these walls very few had any adequate idea. Today things are different, and there is a greater understanding abroad of the important role played in our midst by Infirmaries, Hospitals and Convalescent Homes of every kind. With the growth of such an understanding there must surely come some realisation of the fact that money is needed to carry on the work. Some Infirmaries are more fortunate than others in terms of their endowment; several are almost entirely independent. Dundee Royal Infirmary does not come into the latter class. It is very dependant upon the generosity of the public. In the past that generosity has not failed. Will it fail now? These are times when an exceptional and well-nigh unending strain is placed upon the financial resources, of every single one of us and only too well we know it. But by reason of these very times we cannot let the appeal of the Infirmary and of the Convalescent Home fall upon deaf ears; we cannot, even for a moment, forget to contribute our share today when we shall be asked to buy a flag. The deficiency on last year’s working of the Infirmary was £10,000, and the chances are that, if prices go on increasing, yet greater difficulties will have to be faced in our future. By giving whatever lies in our power tomorrow we shall be helping to lessen these difficulties. Let us do our best.

At La Scala

The leading picture at La Scala on Monday first will present Miss Fannie Ward in a gold mining romance entitled “Betty to the Rescue”. This splendid picture will be supported by two comedies, “Safety First Ambrose” and “Satin and Calico” in addition to the Gaumont Graphic and Pathe Gazette. On Thursday the principal picture will be a Fox film “The Straight Way”, featuring Valeska Suratt, who, in the part of Mary Madison, seeks, by plotting, revenge on the man whose injustice caused her suffering. This strong human drama will be supplemented by two comedies, “Stars and Bars” and “Follow the Track”. The usual news pictures will also be shown.

Shorthand and Typewriting

Private tuition at moderate terms.
Mr Norman Peters,
14, Victoria Chambers, Dundee.

Airmen Wanted

A representative of the Royal Flying Corps attended at the Dundee Territorial Association’s Office on Thursday to interview prospective candidates for commissions in this branch of the service. On a previous occasion a considerable number of men were got from Dundee for the air service.

Hints and Tips

Burnt Saucepans - Pans and saucepans that have been burnt should never be filled with soda and water, as this, although it removes the burnt portions, also makes the saucepan liable to burn again. Instead of soda and water, fill it with salt and water, and leave it till next day, when it should be placed on the fire till the water slowly boils. The burnt particles will come off without any difficulties and there will be no after effects.


Pioneer W. Sime, Royal Engineers (wounded), is the son of Mr David Sime, Strathmartine Road. His is 24 years of age and a brother is serving with the Cyclist Battalion in France.

Pioneer Allan Halley, R.E. (wounded), is the son of Mr and Mrs David Halley, Roycroft, Broughty Ferry and was a pupil of Morgan Academy until he joined the colours in October 1916.

Pte. James Whyte, R.M.L.I. (wounded), is a son of Mr R. Whyte, Park Wynd and has been for five years in the R.M.L.I. This is the third occasion that he has been wounded.

Pte. Geo, Pringle, H.L.I. (killed), was the husband of Mrs Pringle, 29, St Salvador Street and the third son of Mr John Pringle, 27, Victoria Road. He was 24 years of age, and prior to the outbreak of war he was employed as a plaster with Mr Leslie Reoch, plaster and layer, Dundee.

Pioneer J.J. Keiller, R.E. (killed), was the son of Mr Wm. Keiller, importer, Wellgrove, Lochee (West). He joined the army in February 1915 and went to the front the same month. Educated at Dundee High School and University College, Pioneer Keiller latterly joined the St Andrews O.T.C. He was 20 years of age.

Pte. Andrew L. Fraser, Seaforth Highlanders, was posted as missing some time ago, but has now been reported to have been killed. Prior to the outbreak of war he was employed as manager with Mr J.W. Kennedy, 5 Wellgate. Pte. Fraser, whose home was at 331, Loons Road leaves a widow and a family of three.

Pte. Jas. McIver, Seaforth Highlanders (killed), was the only son of Mr and Mrs McIver, 13, Albert Square. He has been reported missing since 3rd May. Pte McIver was 19 years of age. He joined the colours in July last year, and had been at the front since March. Previous to enlistment he was an apprentice with Messr Alex. Tosh & Son, C.A.

Captain Norman F. Grant (wounded). – A telegram was on Thursday received by Mr F. Airth Grant, stockbroker, intimating that his second son Capt. Norman Airth Grant, Black Watch, had been admitted to hospital suffering a gunshot wound in the arm. Capt. Grant joined up in November 1914 and has been at the front since March 1915. He was formerly in the office of Messrs McIntyre & Rae, C.A., Reform St.

Dundee Public Libraries

New Session: 1917-18
Readers’ cards are now being issued for new session.
Enrol at once.

Second Term for Lord Provost

Lord Provost Don, Dundee, whose term of office expires in November, has agreed to be re-elected for another three years. Bailie Buist and Bailie Noble waited on his lordship yesterday, and presented the petition which had been got up with this end in view. The petition was signed by 27 members of the Council. It is not signed by two Prohibitionists members of by Mr Fletcher.

The deputation who waited on his Lordship stated that the practical unanimity evidenced by the petition indicated the high esteem in which he was held by his fellow-Councillors, and they hoped he would see his way to accede to their requisition that he should allow himself to be nominated for another term.

His Lord Provost expressed his appreciation of the kind feeling shown towards him by his fellow-Councillors, which touch him very much, and he could assure them he valued their esteem and confidence very highly. His own feeling was that in normal times, in fairness to the other Councillors, no occupant should hold position more than three years. But these were not normal times, and in the circumstances he would willingly accept office if that was the will of the Town Council.

Cheap Strawberry Custard

Having very slowly boiled up three-quarters of a pint of skim or condensed milk, blend smoothly with one level teaspoonful of rice flour, slaked in quarter pint of cold milk. Cook for eight minutes and when half cold mingle with three cupfuls of strawberry pulp, a little sugar and a well whisked egg, stirring over the fire without boiling till thick, and serving in a deep glass dish.