August 1916

Gallant Black Watch

Our column to day bear testimony – in the number of casualties recorded – to the fact that the battalions of the Black Watch have again been heavily engaged in the fighting in France. As ever, they bore themselves right gallantly. A member of one of the battalions gives the following graphic narrative of one of their engagements:-For about a week we were living on the edge of______ wood, and got shelled and gassed and gassed and shelled every day and every night, and then one day we went into the line. We got into our position about 4 p.m. The guns became intense about 4.30 p.m., and at 6.10 p.m. we sent two companies over the parapet to have a go at _____ wood. The Boches put on a hellish barrage with their guns, machine guns and rifles.

We got forward about 400 yards, and when within 30 yards of the Hun line our fellows lay down and dug themselves in. We have a new line 200 yards ahead of our original line.

I am sorry to say I lost some of my best pals. Our men did splendidly and have added another page to the history of the famous old regiment.

Everyone was delighted when they heard we were at last to have the chance of going over the parapet, and would go over again just as cheerfully if only to have revenge.

The Sad List

Many Dundee Men Fall on the Field

The following is a list of casualties reported in the city during the week:-

Captain E. Leslie Boase, Black Watch.
Second Lieutenant Donald Fraser McEwan, Black Watch.
Second Lieutenant Alfred Allen, H.L.I.
Second Lieutenant C.W.B. Jarvis, Royal West Kent Regiment.
Private G. Strachan, Black Watch.
Lance-Corporal J. Robertson, Black Watch.
Private P. Adamson, R.A.M.C.
Lance-Corporal W. Scott, R.A.M.C.
Sapper D. McKay, Royal Engineers.
Private Jamieson, Black Watch.
Private T. Smith, Royal Fusiliers.
Private P. Thomson, Black Watch.
Private A. Hanley, Black Watch.
Private J. Bugess, Black Watch.
Private J. Piggot, Black Watch.
Private A. Macdonald, Black Watch.
Private W. Kidd, Royal Scots.
Private Keillor, Royal Scots.
Corporal H. Stewart, K.O.S.B.
Corporal William Boag, K.O.S.B.
James Robinson, Royal Navy.
Private Edward Toner, Black Watch.
Private McNaughton, Black Watch.
Private D. Abbot, Black Watch.
Private William Reid, Black Watch.
Private John Brady, Royal Scots.
Private John Paul, South African Scottish.
Sapper D. McDougall, Royal Engineers.
Private James Boyle, H.L.I.
Private Patrick McCabe, R.S.F.
Private George Sturrock, K.O.S.B.

Private D. Low, Seaforths.

Captain James Hendry, Royal Scots
Second Lieutenant Allen, H.L.I.
Captain Sydney D. Nicoll, Scottish Rifles.
Second Lieutenant James McMaster, Black Watch.
Private Andrew Leishman, Black Watch.
C.Q.M.S J. Crawford, Black Watch.
Private W. Gray, Black Watch.
Sergeant G. Hosie, Black Watch.
Private A. Cargill, Black Watch.
Private D.D. Davidson, Black Watch.
Sergeant Farmer, Black Watch.
Private K.M, Crombe, Suffolks.
Private G.E. Harrison, R.A.M.C.
Gunner Crabb, R.F.A.
Private T. Elder, Black Watch.
Private McQueen, Black Watch.
Private A. McMillan, Black Watch.
Private A. Andrews, Black Watch.
Sergeant Lutton, Black Watch.
Lance-Corporal Halkett, Northumberland Fusiliers.
Private D. Samson, Black Watch.
Private S. Duffus, Black Watch.
Private G. Allan, Black Watch.
Private W. Sharples, Black Watch.
Sergeant W. Henderson, Black Watch.
Acting-Sergeant D. McGowen, Black Watch.
Sergeant D. Ogilvie, Black Watch.
Lance-Corporal A. Livingstone, Black Watch.
Private J. Paterson, Black Watch.
Acting-Corporal R. Adams, Black Watch.
Private A. Cameron, Black Watch.
Private W. Cairns, Black Watch.
Private D. Abbot, Black Watch.
Private J. Milne, R.A.M.C.
Private J. Reilly, R.A.M.C.
Private J. Bunyen, R.A.M.C.

Volunteer Force

To use a popular expression, the Volunteer Force movement has “caught on” in Dundee, and the committee are hopeful that two battalions will be raised in the city and district.

The total strength of the Volunteer Force now, including the Broughty Ferry contingent, is approaching 1000, and, as stated, the prospect of two battalions being raised are now more rosy. Men of serviceable age who have been exempted from military service have been turning out in fairly large numbers. A special invitation is extended to this class to join the corps, and it is hoped that every man who has been granted a conditional certificate will avail himself of this excellent opportunity of “doing his bit” and preparing himself for national service.

Died in Mesopotamia

Sapper John Scott, of the Royal Engineers, whose home is at 46, Kinghorne Road, Dundee has died in Mesopotamia. Sapper Scott was originally in the Black Watch Territorials, but twelve months ago he transferred to the Royal Engineers. He had only been a few weeks in Mesopotamia. Deceased was 42 years of age. Previous to the war he was in the employment of his brother, Mr David Scott, plumber, Downfield. He was married and leaves a widow and a daughter.

War Time Economy

To save sugar – now that sugar is so very dear, whenever you stew fruit of any kind just a dessertspoonful of golden syrup in with it. Add a little water and the results will be better than if you had used sugar, and the fruit goes much further.

To preserve eggs for cooking purposes – A very simple way is to immerse them in lime water soon after they have been laid, and them to put the vessel containing the lime water in a cool cellar.

When using currants – To improve the flavour of currants or sultanas used for cakes, place them in a bowl, pour over boiling water, and leave to soak overnight. In the morning drain them and dry in the oven. Your will only require half the quantity, as the swell twice the size.
Mrs A. Cox, Paisley.

Football Player Killed

A well-know local football player has made the supreme sacrifice in the person of Sapper David Fyffe, of the Royal Engineers. Deceased was identified with the Dundee junior for many years, and only a short time before enlisting played for the Arbroath F.C. He was in his 2nd year, and prior to joining the colours was employed in the Wallace Foundry.


R.M Gordon,
Dental Surgery
73, Murraygate
Near Cowgate Corner.


La Scala
Murraygate, Dundee
Showing the whole week, commencing
Monday, August 7th.
Sir George Alexander and
Miss Hilda Moore
“The Second Mrs Tanqueray”
By Sir Arthur Pinero.
The rest of the programme changes as usual on Thursday.
Continuous preformances, 2.30 to 10.30.

Garden Fete

The lovely grounds of Rocknowe, Broughty Ferry, presented an animated appearance on Wednesday afternoon, when, thanks to the kindness of Mr and Mrs Mackay, the Salvation Army were able to give one of their numerous treats to the wives and widows of our gallant soldiers and sailors. It was a glorious afternoon, and the air was deliciously fragrant with the perfume that wafted from the rose garden, which is quite a feature of Rocknowe. Fully 160 people took part in the entertainment, which commenced at three o’clock and continued will into the evening. The programme submitted by the Salvation Army included instrumental solos, duets and trios, while patriotic recitations and songs were given and a pretty display of Japanese fan drill. The T.P Band discoursed music throughout the afternoon in a very creditable fashion. Half-way thorough the programme quite a scrumptious tea was provided, and the whole proceedings were characterised by much enthusiasm. The officers supervising the arrangements included Mrs Brigadier Hadden, Mrs Ensign Wilby, Captain Hancock; while Mrs Mackay and her daughters, with Mrs Forrest, Aberdeen, were energetic workers throughout the day. Mrs Hadden, in the course of a short speech, referred to the valuable work of the Home League. At the end of a thoroughly enjoyable entertainment a very hearty vote of thanks was given to Mr and Mrs Mackay, on the motion of Captain Kimberley.

Tram Driver Wounded

Private James Anderson, of the Royal Scots, who prior to enlisting in April last was in the employment of the Dundee Tramways Department as a driver has been wounded in the chest and left arm. Private Anderson, whose home is in Rosefield Street, has been on active service in France for ten months, and is one of four sons of Mr Charles Anderson, Spittalfield, Murthly, who are serving with the colours, He has been a tram driver for about ten years, for eight of which he had been on duty on the Blackness route.