August 1909

Savings Bank and Post Offices

Town HouseOver 100 girls, under 20 years of age, are required to fill vacant situations in the Post Office and Savings Banks. On account of the unusually large numbers needed on this occasion, local girls will no doubt make an effort to carry off as many as possible of these much coveted posts. With a commencing salary of £65 and rising to £190, and short hours as well as light and interesting duties, these higher appointments compare more than favourably with the teaching profession as a career for girls. Indeed, it has this great advantage, that a girl enters upon her duties at once, instead of studying for 5 or 6 years to qualify for the teaching profession, and even then to commence with a lower salary that the Savings Bank offers. All interested should communicate with the Government Secretary direct, or with Principal J. Abrach Mackay, 2, Euclid Crescent, Dundee, from whom the necessary information and application forms may be held.

Dundee's New Libraries

Re-Allocation of Mr Carnegie's Gift
The Dundee Free Libraries Committee have recently being negotiating with Mr Andrew Carnegie, LL.D., with a view to having a re-allocation of the money he offered for district libraries in the city. Only two buildings of the original scheme now require to be put up - the Central Reading Rooms in Ward Road and the library in Blackscroft. For the latter a sum of £6500 was allocated, and for the former £11,000. The committee however in going into details considered that, in view of the proximity of the Blackscroft site to the Arthurstone and Central Libraries, a less ambitious building might be sufficient. They considered that a building costing about £3000 would be ample, thus leaving a larger sum for the central reading-room if necessary, and also enabling them to provide for the "extras" on other libraries. It is understood that the negotiations with Mr Carnegie have been successful, and that he quite approves of the desire of the committee, to rearrange the allocation of Mr Carnegie's magnificent gift to suit the library requirements of the town.

New Electric System

The Lochee Electric Sub-Station was set agoing on Monday, and marks the beginning of the new systems of central and sub-stations that is being adopted. The Lochee station is situated at Whorterbank. It has a power of about 300 kilowatts, and will serve the whole area there. It is supplied direct from the new central station at Carolina Port, the high tension current being transformed into a continuous current. Previously Lochee was supplied power from Dudhope Crescent Road Station. The new sub-station made a satisfactory start, and promises to be very successful. The Carolina Port Station is now supplying power Lochee and Grimmond Works direct. A Town Council Committee yesterday visited Carolina Port Station. They were conducted over the works by Mr Bishop. The also inspected the crack in the stalk. It was not any worse than before, and looked as if it had now settled. The pumping plant was also seen at work.

Dundee v Falkirk

The Dundee team against Falkirk in the Robertson Cup on Monday night will probably be the same as did so well last season, Viz: Crumley, Lawson and Chaplin; Lee, Dainty and Neal, Bellamy, MacFarlane, Hunter, Langlands and Fraser.

The match is set aside for the benefit of Jack Fraser, who is serving his fifth season with the club. Jack has been a loyal servant, and deserves a "bumper". So great is the interest taken in the match that, given good weather, the attendance is certain to be a large one.

William Whittet

Sewing Machine Makers, Importer and Dealer in all kinds.
39, Castle Street, Dundee.

For Sale

Bakers' Business for Sale. Small; easy entry. Apply O'Kane and Gibson, 59, Constable Street, Dundee.
Brown Cob Horse for Sale
Cheap and good worker and free from vice.
Apply A.Coutties, Muirhead of Liff.

Dundee Family Circle Spiritualists

Operative Hall, 43, Overgate,
Hold meetings every Sunday morning - 11.
Circle, Members and Friends
Evening, 6.30.
Public Circle - Lyceum reopens Sept 5th.
Inquirers welcome.